Phoenix Among Men Chapter 477

“Mr. Chen, if you like this woman, I’ll find a way to contact her agent. These days, as long as one is willing to spend money, a so-called big star like this is still the same as an escort girl!”

Wu Dong saw that Chen Ping always looked at Song Tie, so he whispered.

“Shut up and eat!” Chen Ping glared at that Wu Dong!

Soon, that Song Tie finished his meal and walked out of the restaurant with his bodyguards, Chen Ping and the others were just finishing their meal and followed suit!

The bodyguard looked around and hurriedly got into the car and drove off!

Chen Ping and the others also got into the car, started it up and left!

Wu Dong drove the car and followed behind the Bentley, which made Chen Ping a bit strange and asked Wu Dong, “What are you doing? Why are you following them?”

“Mr. Chen you misunderstood, I am not following her, the hotel I booked is just ahead ……”

Wu Dong hurriedly explained.

Once Chen Ping heard this, he then leaned back on his seat and closed his eyes slightly to recuperate!

Bam …………

Suddenly there was a loud bang, followed by a sharp stop of Chen Ping’s car and Chen Ping’s eyes snapped open!

“What’s going on?” Chen Ping said with a sudden shock.

“Mr. Chen, look quickly …………”

Wu Dong’s face turned pale with fright as he pointed ahead!

Chen Ping looked and found that the Bentley Song Tie was riding in had been rammed into the road by a black unmarked car, followed by several people with machetes coming down from the top of that black car!

In the Bentley, Song Tie and a few of his bodyguards were dazed by the collision. When they saw someone rushing over with a machete, one of the bodyguards kicked the door open and pulled out his gun!

But just as he raised his gun, a white light flashed, and the bodyguard’s gun hand was cut off in tandem.

But just as he cried out, the machete stabbed through the bodyguard’s abdomen and he was silent in an instant!

Although Song Tie’s bodyguards had guns, the pistols were not powerful enough for this kind of close quarters combat!

In just a few dozen seconds, all four bodyguards were dead and Song Tie was pulled out of the car!

“Who are you people? Let go of me …………”

Song Tie struggled hard, but it was no use at all, only to see one of the guys pull out a white towel and block Song Tie’s mouth and nose, soon Song Tie lost consciousness!

The guys stuffed Song Tie into the car and were about to start it when Chen Ping stepped out of the car, “Robbing someone in broad daylight, do you still have the law in your eyes?”

A few guys froze, and when they saw that Chen Ping and Wu Dong were the only two people there, they revealed a fierce gaze!

One of them pointed a machete at Chen Ping and said, “It’s none of your business, kid get the hell out of my way ……”

“This is a good time for a hero to save a beautiful woman, why doesn’t it matter to me?”

Chen Ping had a cold smile on his face as he stepped forward!

A few guys saw this and waved their knives towards Chen Ping, seeing that they are habitual criminals who kill without blinking an eye!

Chen Ping didn’t panic, he went straight for them, and when Wu Dong saw this, he was too impatient to do anything, he didn’t know any martial arts!

But he saw the pistol that had fallen to the ground, although he did not know martial arts, but he could shoot!

Wu Dong rushed up and picked up the gun, but when he raised the pistol and was about to fire at the guys, he found that there was no one left, they had all fallen to the ground, each with a deep bloodstain on their necks!

Chen Ping, on the other hand, opened the car door and carried Song Tie out as if nothing had happened!

Carrying Song Tie back to the car, Chen Ping looked to Wu Dong who was still dumbfounded, “Still not driving?”

“Oh!” Wu Dong hurriedly put the pistol into his pocket and got into the car!