Phoenix Among Men Chapter 478

“Throw the gun away, if someone wants to kill you, the gun in your hand will not save your life but will also make you die faster!”

Chen Ping saw that Wu Dong had actually put the gun in his own pocket, so he said to Wu Dong.

Wu Dong could only throw the gun away and drive back to the hotel!

Chen Ping carried Song Tie into the room and put him on the bed!

Wu Dong couldn’t help but take a few more glances at Song Tie lying on the bed, her white calves were exposed, she was simply hooking people!

“Mr. Chen, you play first, I’m going out ……”

Wu Dong knew that Chen Ping was here, where was he!

“I play what?” Chen Ping was stunned and looked at Wu Dong!

“You …… you saved her, didn’t you just want to …………” Wu Dong pointed at Song Tie and stuttered.

Chen Ping instantly understood that this Wu Dong still thought that he saved Song Tie in order to sleep with her!

“What the hell are you thinking inside your head all day? Go get a bottle of ice water!”

Chen Ping looked at Wu Dong and was speechless for a while!

Soon, Wu Dong found a bottle of ice water and Chen Ping poured it directly into Song Tie!

With a bottle of ice water in his mouth, Song Tie opened his eyes leisurely!

“Ah …………”

With a sudden scream, Song Tie sat up sharply, looking at his surroundings as a hotel, and looking at both Chen Ping and Wu Dong, Song Tie’s face turned pale!

“Who are you people? What do you want to do to me? I’m telling you, I won’t let you get away with this even if I die, if my dad finds out, he’ll kill you!”

Song Tie said as she looked at Chen Ping and Wu Dong angrily.

“Miss Song, you have misunderstood, we …………”

Wu Dong tried to explain.

“What have I misunderstood? You guys caught me in the hotel and didn’t do that kind of nasty thing? I won’t let you guys defile me even if I die!”

Song Tie grabbed his collar with a deadly grip and yelled at Wu Dong!

This rendered Wu Dong speechless, when he himself thought that Chen Ping had saved Song Tie and brought her to the hotel just to play with her!

“Hmph, no more words, right? I’ve known for a long time that which of you stinking men don’t crave my body!”

Song Tie said through gritted teeth.

“Have you finished?” Chen Ping asked with a slight frown as he looked at that Song Tie.

“What do you mean?” Song Tie asked as he looked at Chen Ping.

“When you’ve finished, you can go now!”

Chen Ping pointed at the door and said with a blank expression!

Song Tie was stunned and looked at Chen Ping with some surprise, “You …… are really letting me go?”

“The door is open, no one is stopping you ……,” Chen Ping said.

Song Tie looked at Chen Ping and then at Wu Dong, and finally slowly got off the bed and slowly walked to where the door was, seeing that neither Chen Ping nor Wu Dong was moving, Song Tie hurriedly ran out of the door.

Looking at Song Tie running faster than a rabbit, Chen Ping smiled lightly and said to Wu Dong, “Rest early today, tomorrow we will go up to the mountains to have a look!”

Wu Dong nodded and also went back to his room to rest.

At this moment, at the place where the accident had just happened, there were already dozens of people surrounding the entire accident site, and one of them was a grim-faced middle-aged man looking at the Bentley that had been wrecked!

This man was Song Zu De, Song Tie’s father, and when he brought his men over, Song Tie had long since disappeared!

“Master, Missy is nowhere to be found and all four bodyguards are dead, not a single shot was fired!”

The butler walked over to Song ZuDe and reported in a low voice.

“What are the identities of those few people, have you found out?” Song Zu De asked, pointing to the bodies of the few people whose throats had been slit by Chen Ping.

“No, but it is certain that these few people are the ones who stopped Missy’s car, and Missy’s bodyguard was also killed by them, the machete left at the scene, followed by the wounds on the bodyguard match!”

The butler shook his head and said.

“In that case, there is another group of people who robbed my daughter?” Song Zu De’s eyes narrowed slightly, a murderous aura in his eyes!