Phoenix Among Men Chapter 482

“You dead bee, dare to scare Miss Song, see if I don’t stomp you to death ……”

Wu Dong was so energized at this point that he directly stomped the bee to death and threw it inside the bin!

“Don’t be afraid, Miss Song, I killed the bee!”

Wu Dong said with a proud face.

But Song Tie ignored him, but looked at Chen Ping with shocked eyes, she was not blind, it was Chen Ping who knocked the bee down with a snap of his fingers, without even looking at it!

He must be an expert, and it seemed that he had saved her!

Song Tie straightened his clothes, and then sat towards Chen Ping: “Your name is Chen Ping, isn’t it?”

Chen Ping didn’t say anything, he just nodded his head!

“Why don’t you dare to look at me, are you afraid of me?”

Song Tie saw that Chen Ping didn’t look up at himself and said with a playful smile.

“Afraid of you? Why should I be afraid of you?” Chen Ping lifted his head and looked straight at Song Tie: “I just have a girlfriend!”

“So devoted? Not many men are as devoted as you!”

Song Tie laughed!

At this moment, Song Tie suddenly became very interested in Chen Ping!

“Eldest Miss, Duke Wu, the banquet is ready, you can go over.”

The subordinate came over and said.

Song Tie gave Chen Ping a pat on the shoulder, “Go, take you to dinner!”

Chen Ping followed behind Song Tie, the Song family’s restaurant kitchen had a special building, just like a hotel, and there were more than ten chefs hired alone.

Following the Song family, Chen Ping’s Pan Long Bay villa instantly did not smell good, the world of the rich is really beyond the imagination of ordinary people!

At this moment in the restaurant villa, a round table of six meters in diameter was filled with sumptuous wine dishes, all kinds of dishes, and all colours and aromas, such a sumptuous dinner, I’m afraid that only the mine boss can manage it!

“Sir Wu, little brother Chen, make yourselves comfortable!”

Song ZuDe saw Wu Dong and Chen Ping and said casually.

The two chose seats and sat down, but Song Tie sat directly next to Chen Ping, which made that Wu Dong envious!

Seeing this, Song Zu De frowned slightly, but in the end said nothing!

“Old Liu, has Master Guo not arrived yet?”

Song Zu De asked to the butler.

It looked like he was still waiting for someone.

“It should be soon!” The butler replied!

Just as he finished speaking, he saw a Song family servant bring in an old man dressed in white practice clothes, with a dragon walk and shining eyes, followed by a group of people in the same practice clothes, except they were all black.

“Master Guo, I’ve heard a lot about you …………”

Seeing this, Song Zu De hurriedly got up and greeted him.

“Mr. Song ……” said that Master Guo with a fist clasp!

“Quickly sit down, please sit down …………”

Song Zu De personally invited Master Guo and the group of people behind him to take their seats!

“Daughter, this is Master Guo of Formal Yi Quan, don’t say hello to Master Guo yet!”

Song Zu De said to Song Tie.

Seeing this, Song Tie hurriedly got up, “Greetings Master Guo!”

“Hahaha, hello Miss Song, Miss Song is really pretty, much prettier than on TV, many of my disciples are your fans, they want to take pictures and sign autographs with Miss Song later!”

Master Guo said with a smile!

“No problem!” Song Tie smiled and said.

“Mr. Song, who are these two, they look so familiar!”

Master Guo pointed at Wu Dong and Chen Ping and said!

“Oh, they are from Jiangbei, they are both businessmen who play with gambling stones, they happened to save my daughter today, let’s have dinner together!”

Song Zu De hurriedly explained.

“What kind of person dares to touch Miss Song, simply tired of living?”

At this moment, a thirty-ish, cross-faced man beside Master Guo rose up sharply and roared.

“Mr Song, this is my eldest disciple, Fan Debiao, who has now received more than 70% of my true teachings, and he is Miss Song’s most loyal fan!”

Master Guo introduced!