Phoenix Among Men Chapter 483

“Those robbers are all dead, it’s not certain who did it yet, but I presume it must have been the Feng and Liu families!”

Song Zu De said.

“Don’t worry Mr. Song, this time we are here to help, that Feng and Liu family will stop if they are honest, otherwise I will let them taste my iron fist and avenge Miss Song!”

That Fan Debiao said, not forgetting to wave his fists twice, looking at Song Tie with eyes full of burning heat!

“Hahahaha, I’ll rely on Master Guo and all of you, but I heard that the Feng and Liu families have also invited quite a few clan masters over, so it’s better for us to be cautious, I’m not going to lie to Master Guo, I used my connections to get a few of these over!”

Song Zu De followed Master Guo and gestured in the shape of a pistol!

The corner of that Master Guo’s mouth raised, “Mr. Song, a pistol is not even as good as a dagger in our eyes, this time going, it’s all clan masters duking it out, a pistol is useless at all, just seeking psychological comfort!”

“Master Guo, is there anyone who can’t be afraid of pistols?” Song Zu De didn’t quite believe that there were people who weren’t afraid of pistols.

“If you don’t believe me, Mr Song, you can take a pistol and try it on me!”

Master Guo said with a lofty look on his face.

“How can that be, how can I hit Master Guo with a gun!” Song Zu De shook his head repeatedly!

“Master Song, just try hitting me with a gun, my master isn’t afraid of any pistol, he’s faster than even a bullet!”

Fan Debiao, who was at the side, also spoke up.

“Master Guo, then I …………” Song Zu De was also curious in his heart, so he wanted to try!

“Feel free to come, I also want to show off in front of Mr. Song, or else I won’t feel comfortable taking such a big commission!”

Master Guo got up and stood aside and said.

Song Zu De ordered someone to bring a pistol, and after opening the safety, he pointed it at that Master Guo: “Master Guo, I can shoot!”

“Go ahead, shoot at my right chest!”

Master Guo patted his right chest and said.

Song Zu De also had this intention, if he hit his left chest, if there was an accident, he wouldn’t lose his life, but if he hit his left chest, then he would hit his heart and kill him with one shot!

Song Zu De aimed at Master Guo’s right chest and pulled the trigger hard.

Bang …………

After a gunshot, only to see that Master Guo’s body side to side, followed by back to the original position!

In looking at the body, there was no wound at all, it didn’t hit at all!

“Good …………”

That Fan Debiao was the first to shout up, everyone followed and applauded, even that Wu Dong looked dumbfounded.

But no one noticed that the bullet that was fired, after hitting the smooth stone pillar behind them, actually changed direction and came straight towards Chen Ping and Song Tie and the girls!

Because the bullet was too fast, no one could see it at all, but Chen Ping noticed it and grabbed it with a fierce hand, and the bullet head was directly caught by Chen Ping in his hand.

Song Tie was shocked, but when she saw the bullet in Chen Ping’s hand, her whole body froze, only to see Chen Ping put the bullet in his coat pocket without a word, as if nothing had happened!

At this time, everyone was cheering for Master Guo, and that Song Zu De was even more excited, “With Master Guo in, tomorrow’s line, I’ll see who can stop my Song family, hahaha ………… ”

The banquet began, Song Zu De constantly toasted to Master Guo, as for Chen Ping and Wu Dong, no one paid any attention, but that Song Tie, constantly talking to Chen Ping, and also gave Chen Ping dishes, like a particularly familiar friend general!

“Dad, I’ll go with you guys tomorrow too!”

Halfway through the banquet, Song Tie suddenly said to Song ZuDe.

“Nonsense, what are you going to do? It’s not a joke, it might be a life of nine deaths.

Song Zu De reprimanded Song Tie.