Phoenix Among Men Chapter 495

“Humph, don’t measure yourself!”

Facing that small mountain-like big man, Grandmaster Ma’s eyes suddenly blinked, and his eyes, which were originally full of white, were now showing black eyes, with a shining light in them, not blind at all!

“Ahhhhh …………”

The big man let out a hint of anger and slammed his fist towards that Grandmaster Ma!

Master Ma’s figure dodged nimbly and threw a punch towards that big man’s back!

Boom ……

A loud sound, like a vicious smash on steel, directly caused that Grandmaster Ma to take a few steps backwards, his arm slightly tingling!

“So you’re practicing horizontal kung fu!”

Grandmaster Ma frowned slightly!

The big man who had been punched was furious, and after turning around, he once again moved his feet and headed towards that Grandmaster Ma, each step sounding like an earthquake, making a thud!

“Humph!” Master Ma snorted coldly and moved his hands, instantly two black mists emerged from between his fingers, heading straight for the big man.

Seeing this, the big man tried to dodge, but the two black fogs were like ghosts, instantly burrowing into the big man’s nostrils!

The big man’s expression was stunned, followed by his hands choking his throat with a very painful expression!

Poof …………

A mouthful of blood spurted out and his two-metre body fell to the ground with a crash, the big man’s eyes were wide open and he bled to death from his seven orifices, obviously poisoned to death!

At this point both the Song and Liu families began to suffer from poisonous attacks and died, instantly collapsing in a heap!

Song Zu De and Liu Cheng Yin were all scared silly as they watched the scene before them!

“Hahahaha, you two want to fight me? You were just given a chance, but you didn’t take it, so you’ll die here today!”

Feng Yi laughed out loud, now Song ZuDe and Liu ChengYin had become lambs to the slaughter!

Song ZuDe and Liu ChengYin’s faces became extremely ugly, finally Liu ChengYin sighed helplessly and said, “Feng Yi, I am willing to hand over all of the Liu family’s mining veins to you, and I will quit Mountain City from now on!”

Seeing Liu Chengyin compromise, Song Zu De’s face turned even uglier!

“Song Zu De, what about you?”

Feng Yi looked at Song ZuDe playfully, with a cold smile on his face.

Song Zu De gritted his teeth, now that almost all of his own men were dead, he could not possibly turn defeat into victory even if he had great skills, now there was only one way out, and that was to compromise and beg for forgiveness!

“I am also willing to hand over all of my Song family’s mining veins to you and quit Mountain City from now on!”

Song Zu De bowed his head!

“Hahahaha, hahahaha ………………”

Feng Yi threw back his head and laughed out loud, his laughter filled with open-mindedness!

Listening to Feng Yi’s laughter, Song Zude and Liu Chengyin felt like they were being ruthlessly stepped on, after today, I’m afraid that there will be no more Song and Liu families in the entire Mountain City!

“Song Zu De, if you want me to let you go, it’s fine, your big star daughter looks good to me, stay with me for two days, when I’m tired of playing with her, I’ll let you guys go!”

Feng Yi finished laughing and said to Song Zu De!

When Song Zu De heard this, his whole face turned green, he was now giving up all his fortune, but he didn’t expect this Feng Yi to still disagree.

“Feng Yi, you and I have dealt with each other for many years, my daughter calls you an uncle, how can you …………”

Song Zu De’s eyes were full of anger as he looked at Feng Yi!

“You can not pull me close, what uncle or not uncle, your daughter that figure, I have long been coveted, now just let me relieve my craving!”

Feng Yi’s eyes were unrestrainedly looking towards Song Tie!

“Rascal, beast …………”

Song Tie’s face was red with anger as he cursed angrily towards Feng Yi!

Feng Yi’s face was cold: “Little girl, you dare to curse me, today I will play with you in public ……”

When Feng Yi finished, he waved his hand and two Feng family underlings went straight for that Song Tie!

Song Zu De rushed forward to stop them, but there was no stopping them!

Song Tie, a weak girl, could only be grabbed by the two underlings of the Feng family and dragged towards that Feng Yi!