Phoenix Among Men Chapter 496

“Ah ……” Song Tie turned pale with fear and screamed loudly, “Chen Ping, save me, save me ……… …”

At this moment, Song Tie could only follow Chen Ping and ask for help, she knew Chen Ping had the strength!

“Let her go!”

Chen Ping slowly spoke up!

“Kid, you’re in danger of saving yourself, and you still want to be a hero and save the beauty?”

Feng Yi looked at Chen Ping and sneered!

Chen Ping ignored him and instead looked at Song ZuDe: “Song ZuDe, share half of this vein with me, I’ll save your daughter and help you get rid of the Feng family!”

Chen Ping’s voice was cold and indifferent, as if getting rid of the Feng family was not worth mentioning in his eyes!

Song Zu De looked at Chen Ping and froze for a moment, his entire body looking at a loss for words!

“Kid, do you know what you’re saying? Getting rid of my Feng family? You’re not afraid that the wind will blow your tongue out!”

Upon hearing this, Feng Yi yelled at Chen Ping with a disdainful expression!

He didn’t believe that Chen Ping had that kind of ability, not to mention the presence of Grandmaster Ma, Feng Yi was even less afraid!

“Song Zu De, have you thought it through?” Chen Ping continued to ask at Song ZuDe.

Song Zu De’s face was hard to read, becoming in a dilemma!

If he agreed to Chen Ping, if Chen Ping blew it and was not strong enough to be killed by Feng Yi, then his Song family would be in danger of being exterminated!

But if he did not agree to Chen Ping, watching his daughter being humiliated by Feng Yi, Song Zu De could not bear it in his heart.

“Do you have anyone to rely on now but me? You should not pin your hopes on the conscience of others!”

Seeing Song Zu De in a dilemma, Chen Ping sneered coldly and said.

“Dad, promise him, promise him …………”

Song Tie shouted loudly, she knew what her father was worried about, but she had seen Chen Ping catch a bullet with his own eyes with his empty hands, such a skill was never an idle one!

“Mr. Song, Mr. Chen’s ability is by no means like what you see!”

Wu Dong couldn’t care less about anything else at this point, and persuaded Song Zu De.

Song Zu De faintly stared, looked at his daughter again, and finally gritted his teeth and said, “If Mr. Chen can save my daughter and save my Song family, I am willing to give all of this mine vein to Mr. Chen!”

“As I said, I only need half, I won’t take a single point more!”

Chen Ping finished and slowly turned to look at Feng Yi, “Let Miss Song go, and I might be able to make your death a little more painful!”

“Hahahaha, kid, have you lost your mind, or are you delusional? How dare you talk about killing me even with just you?”

Feng Yi laughed loudly, not putting Chen Ping in his eyes in the slightest!

Chen Ping didn’t say a word, his body moved violently, followed by the two Feng family underlings who had grabbed Song Tie falling straight to the ground, while Song Tie was picked up directly by Chen Ping, his body floating back to Song Zu De’s side!

Song Tie hooked his hands around Chen Ping’s neck, his eyes staring at Chen Ping with a deadly stare, his heart thumping!

Song Zu De was wildly happy to see this skill of Chen Ping’s.

“You can let go of me now!” Chen Ping could only say helplessly when he saw Song Tie’s deadly grip around his neck and wouldn’t let go!

“Oh!” Song Tie blushed and hurriedly let go of Chen Ping!

“Your daughter has been saved, I will go and get rid of that Feng Yi below, but don’t forget what you promised me!”

Chen Ping said to Song ZuDe.

“No, absolutely not!” Song Zu De shook his head repeatedly!

Chen Ping turned around and looked at Feng Yi with a faint smile, “Let your men come together, save yourself the trouble!”

As the words fell, the terrifying aura from Chen Ping’s body instantly shook out in all directions!

“You seek death!”

A Feng Clan’s Patriarch could not rest in anger as he leapt towards Chen Ping!

The clan master’s body was as fast as lightning, and his hands resounded with a bursting sound, the sound of qi breaking through the air.

The terrifying qi was directed towards Chen Ping, and the raging qi made the dust fly, while Chen Ping was looking at the Grandmaster with his hands behind his back, looking at him with an indifferent look!