Phoenix Among Men Chapter 507

At this moment, Chen Ping, who was still cultivating at the Song family villa in Mountain City, the moment the jade pendant on Su Yuqi was activated, his body shook and his eyes, which had not been opened for three days, snapped open!

Chen Ping’s eyebrows were furrowed, his face with a bit of anxiety, looking at the small mountain of spirit stones, only a small pile was left at this time, while Chen Ping’s strength did not increase much, so many spirit stones, only allowed his strength to reach the fifth level of Foundation Establishment, originally Chen Ping thought that he could reach the Valley Breaking stage, it seems that this level up, the demand for spirit energy is exponentially increased!

“Wu Dong, Wu Dong …………”

Chen Ping yelled loudly, he knew that Su Yuqi was in danger, he had to go back to Jiangbei Province City immediately!

Soon some Song family underlings pushed the door in, it seemed that they had been waiting outside for a long time!

“Mr. Chen, Duke Wu is busy with the mining of the veins and is not here!”

The subordinate hurriedly followed Chen Ping and said.

“And where is your lord?” Chen Ping asked.

Just as Chen Ping finished his words, he only saw Song Zu De rush in with Song Tie!

“Mr. Chen, have you finished cultivating?” When Song Zu De saw that Chen Ping had woken up, he immediately said with an excited look on his face, “The newly discovered veins have now started to be drilled and excavated, but it will take some time before we can see results, and the stones that Mr. Chen needs will have to wait for a few days!”

“I have an urgent matter to return to Jiangbei Province, prepare my car immediately!”

Chen Ping’s face was full of anxiety, his forehead could already see the cold sweat!

Seeing Chen Ping’s anxious look, Song Zu De did not dare to be the slightest bit lax, so he said, “Mr. Chen, I have a private helicopter, if Mr. Chen has an urgent matter, he can go back by helicopter!”

“That’s great!” Chen Ping’s heart was overjoyed, he didn’t expect that all these mine bosses were so generous, they all had private planes!

Soon, after the helicopter was ready, Chen Ping got on it and headed straight for Jiangbei provincial city!

Song Tie watched Chen Ping fly away, his eyes not retracting for a long time!

Looking at his daughter, Song Zu De patted Song Tie’s shoulder: “Daughter, Mr. Chen is not a person in a pool, it’s your destiny if he can take a fancy to you!”

Song Tie nodded, “I will try my best!”

On the other hand, Su Yuqi was protected by hundreds of people inside the room, Red Phoenix and Lin Tianhu were both injured, fortunately Chen Ping had given them the Great Returning Pill, which had strengthened their bodies quite a lot, so they weren’t seriously hurt!

Bai Zhan Tang relied on his status as the young master of the Bai family, and that wild wolf did not strike hard, so Bai Zhan Tang was only slightly injured, nothing at all.

Gu Ling’er was taken away, Su Yuqi was in a depressed mood, she didn’t know what Gu Ling’er was suffering from now, but for Bai Zhantang, Gu Ling’er being taken away didn’t affect him in the slightest, it was Su Yuqi he had to protect, not Gu Ling’er!

“Chen Ping, why aren’t you back yet, Ling’er she’s been captured, she must be being spoiled by that Qin Feng now, with Ling’er’s nature, she definitely won’t be alive, come back and save her!”

Su Yuqi was inside the room, praying constantly!

Buzzing …………

Suddenly, there was a roar in the sky outside, and a helicopter was hovering over the villa at a very low altitude!

“Mr. Chen, it’s here, I’ll find a place to land!”

The pilot said to Chen Ping.

“No need!” Chen Ping opened the helicopter hatch.

“Mr. Chen, there’s still a hundred meters of altitude, if …………”

Before the pilot could finish his words, Chen Ping jumped down with one long jump, which scared the pilot silly!

And Bai Zhan Tang below, after hearing the sound of the helicopter, looked up and saw a black shadow descending from the sky!

Boom …………

After a loud sound, the stone floor of the villa was smashed into a big crater, and the broken stones flew everywhere!