Phoenix Among Men Chapter 508

As the smoke and dust cleared, Chen Ping’s proud form towered over it!

“Mr. Chen ………… Chen?”

Bai Zhantang was about to be stunned, this jumped straight out of the plane, was this still a f*cking human being?

Yes, an immortal cultivator, Chen Ping is an immortal cultivator, he’s an immortal, not a human!

Bai Zhantang reacted, and the admiration for Chen Ping in his eyes intensified!

“Has something happened to Yu Qi?” Chen Ping asked with an icy expression on his face.

“No, Miss Su is in, inside the room …………”

Bai Zhan Tang, a grandfather of the White Family of Kyoto, was stumbling over his words at the moment, without the slightest trace of the demeanor of a grandfather!

Chen Ping rushed straight into the room, while Su Yuqi also heard the commotion and was about to get up to check, when she saw Chen Ping rushing in.

“Chen Ping?” As soon as she saw that it was Chen Ping, Su Yuqi burst into tears and jumped headlong into Chen Ping’s arms!

“What’s happened?” Chen Ping hugged Su Yuqi and gently patted her shoulders!

“Why did you only come back now, Ling’er was taken away, she was captured by that Qin Feng, they said they wanted you to go and kneel down and apologize before they would let Ling’er go, I am afraid …… I am afraid that Ling’er has now been poisoned by that Qin Feng, that Qin Feng is a beast!”

Su Yuqi said in tears.

“Qin Feng?” The killing intent on Chen Ping’s body immediately rose up, even Bai Zhan Tang who was outside couldn’t help but tremble when he felt this killing aura!

Lin Tianhu and Chi Feng felt this killing intent, and the two hearts were overjoyed, they knew that Chen Ping had returned, and immediately helped each other out of the room!

“Yu Qi, don’t cry, tell me where they’ve taken Ling’er to? I’ll definitely get her out!”

Chen Ping asked as he turned to Su Yuqi.

“Wangjia Hotel, when that Qin Feng left, he said this was the place!”

Su Yuqi said.

“Wangjia Guesthouse?” Chen Ping nodded, “Okay, I know, you stay at home without worry, I’ll be back soon!”

Chen Ping let go of Su Yuqi, turned around and prepared to walk out of the room, this is Lin Tianhu and Chi Feng walked in with help, seeing that it was really Chen Ping who had returned, all with a shameful face said, “Mr. Chen, we …… we are incompetent …… ”

“Well, no need to say, I know all!” Chen Ping interrupted the two people, Chen Ping knew that the strength of the two of them, is not that Qin Feng rival, not to mention that Qin Feng dare to find back to take revenge, certainly will not come by themselves.

“Lin Tianhu, when I come back, I will help you step into the Zong Shi realm!”

Chen Ping was now at the fifth level of Foundation Establishment, and although he hadn’t been able to step into the Pioneer Stage, it was still very easy to help Lin Tianhu enter the Zong Shi realm!

If one practiced alone, it would be much harder to enter the Patriarch realm, some people might not be able to step into the Patriarch realm even after a lifetime of practice!

“Thank you Mr. Chen ……” Lin Tianhu said with a sudden burst of joy!

“Mr. Chen, do you want me to accompany you?” Bai Zhantang asked as he turned to Chen Ping.

“No, just stay here and keep watch!”

Chen Ping waved his hand and walked out of the villa alone, heading towards the Wang Family Inn!

The sun was setting in the west, and the afterglow of the setting sun lit up Chen Ping’s shadow for a long, long time …………

At this moment, in one of the rooms of the Wang family hotel, Gu Ling’er’s eyes were full of tear marks, her eyes were looking at the ceiling with no eyes, she was tired of crying, tired of cursing, her whole body had gone numb!

She knew that if she fell into Qin Feng’s hands, she would be a sheep in a tiger’s mouth and there would be no more hope!

So she gave up her struggle and just waited for Qin Feng to finish his best*ality, and she would only kill herself if she had a chance.

“Why don’t you shout and scream? You don’t scream, you’re like a dead person, you don’t have a clue!”

Qin Feng yelled at Gu Ling’er, but as if she didn’t hear him, she was like a puppet!