Phoenix Among Men Chapter 509

“Qin Feng, hurry up, you brat, you’re dilly-dallying!”

At this moment, that wild wolf’s voice came from outside the door!

“Uncle Wolf, wait for a moment, soon, soon …………”

Qin Feng didn’t dare to be inquisitive, he hurriedly took off his own clothes, then pounced on Gu Ling’er to undress her!

The tears in her eyes had already wet the bed sheets!

“So white, so slippery ah ……, you say how I have not found it long ago, such white skin, seductive body, simply the best on earth ……”

Qin Feng’s hand gently slid over Gu Ling’er’s face, and also helped to wipe her tears.

Gu Ling’er turned her head to the side, she didn’t want to see Qin Feng’s disgusting look!

But Qin Feng directly cupped Gu Ling’er’s chin with his hand, making her face him and looking straight at her!

“Little baby, it might hurt in a little while, but bear with it, it’ll be fine soon …………”

Qin Feng looked at Gu Ling’er with a lecherous smile before he gently kissed down towards Gu Ling’er’s mouth!

Gu Ling’er, who had a mute, motionless face, suddenly opened her mouth and fiercely bit down on Qin Feng’s nose!

“Ah …………”

Qin Feng let out a harsh hissing sound and fiercely squeezed Gu Ling’er’s mouth, which yanked his nose out!

But even so, Qin Feng’s nose was still bitten through, and blood kept flowing out!

“Qin Feng, what’s wrong?”

Wild Wolf asked from outside!

“Uncle Wolf, it’s nothing!” Qin Feng said, he couldn’t let Wild Wolf see him in this embarra*sed state, or else it would be too humiliating!

“You dead girl, I’m going to get you killed today, I’m going to make your life worse than death …………”

Qin Feng was furious and went forward and ripped off the clothes on Gu Ling’er’s body.

At this moment, Gu Ling’er only had her underwear to cover her body!

Chen Ping, who had already walked downstairs, frowned slightly after hearing a scream from upstairs, and then jumped upstairs with a leap!

Chen Ping happened to see through the window that Qin Feng was frantically tearing at Gu Ling’er’s clothes!

A wave of anger rose from Chen Ping’s heart, and endless killing intent instantly filled the air!

Suddenly sensing the killing intent Qin Feng stopped, and upon seeing Chen Ping looking at him through the window, he was startled and hurriedly jumped away from Gu Ling’er’s body!

With a crash …………

Chen Ping shattered the window with a kick and jumped inside the room!

“Chen Ping …………”

Seeing that it was Chen Ping, Gu Ling’er, whose heart was ashen, suddenly had hope in her eyes and jumped up from the bed at once, jumping into Chen Ping’s arms!

Chen Ping was stunned, at this time Gu Ling’er was only wearing her underwear, so she hugged Chen Ping like this, making Chen Ping’s blood rush to his head!

Chen Ping was a normal man, and it would be impossible to say that he didn’t react in such a situation!

But Chen Ping still suppressed his wild thoughts and pulled a bed sheet over his body, “You’d better wrap your body up first!”

Only when Chen Ping said this did Gu Ling’er react and hurriedly took the sheet and wrapped herself up!

And the wild wolf outside, hearing the sound of a broken window, hurriedly kicked open the door of the room!

“Uncle Wolf, it’s him, he’s Chen Ping …………”

Qin Feng pointed at Chen Ping, his eyes full of indignation, and said.

Wild Wolf shot a glance at Chen Ping with disdain in his eyes, “Just a hairy boy, he can be your opponent?”

Wild Wolf couldn’t believe it, knowing that Qin Feng was a leader with good strength among the young generation in Kyoto, how could he not even be able to beat Chen Ping!

“Uncle Wolf, you can’t underestimate him, this kid killed Jiang Zhengde in one move, I’m no match for him!”

Qin Feng warned to Wild Wolf!

“Hmph, that Jiang Zhengde has a vain name, I can also kill him with a single slap, just like that, he still dares to be the head instructor!”

Wild Wolf obviously despised that Jiang Zhengde as well.