Phoenix Among Men Chapter 514

“What are you babbling about, I don’t need him to be responsible!” Gu Ling’er said with a red face!

“Hahahaha, I’m just teasing you, if we both serve him together, it won’t be beautiful for him ……”

Su Yuqi burst out laughing!

“Su Yuqi, you’re teasing me for fun, see if I don’t clean you up …………”

Gu Ling’er lunged towards Su Yuqi!

Soon, the sounds of Gu Ling’er and Su Yuqi playing and laughing were heard from inside the room!

Chen Ping inside the living room, listening to the sound of fighting inside the room, some do not understand, women are simply too fickle, after shaking his head, Chen Ping went back to his room to sleep!

The next day, Chen Ping relied on his own spiritual power to help Lin Tianhu break through to the Zong Shi realm, which made Lin Tianhu grateful and even more loyal to Chen Ping!

Because he had killed Qin Feng, Chen Ping was afraid of the Qin family’s revenge, so he did not go to Xuan Yue Valley, but stayed in the provincial capital for a few days, and in these few days, he had been instructing Lin Tian Hu and Chi Feng to practise their kung fu, and the strength of the two of them had improved by leaps and bounds!

Thousands of kilometres away in Kyoto, on the lobby of the Qin family, lay Qin Feng’s corpse, a fake head was made and placed there because his head had been blown off!

“Are you two sure that Qin Feng and Wild Wolf were killed by that Chen Ping? Didn’t anyone else help?”

Qin Feng’s third uncle, Qin Xiaotian, asked the two Qin family experts.

These two were the ones who had followed Qin Feng to Jiangbei, when two were seriously injured by Bai Zhan Tang, leaving these two to stay at the inn and take care of them!

Later, when they saw that Qin Feng and Wild Wolf had not returned all night, the two men went out to look for them and found the bodies of Qin Feng and Wild Wolf in an open space!

So the two men brought Qin Feng’s corpse back!

“Third master, we …… didn’t see it with our own eyes, we weren’t there!”

One of the Qin family experts said.

“Although we didn’t see that Chen Ping kill the Eldest Young Master with our own eyes, but we were there when the Eldest Young Master was ruined by that Chen Ping’s kick, and Wild Wolf was also there, neither of us had time to stop it!”

Another Qin family expert said with a trembling body.

Qin Xiaotian’s face was gloomy to the extreme, now that his elder brother was in seclusion and had left the family’s affairs to him, yet such a thing had occurred, there was no way he could follow his elder brother and give an explanation!

“You two useless things, since that’s the case, then accompany my nephew!”

Qin Xiaotian finished his sentence and waved his hands so violently that the two Qin family experts immediately flew backwards and fell heavily to the ground, without breath!

Seeing this, the Qin family’s steward immediately waved his hand, and someone carried the two corpses out!

“Chen Ping, I will break you into pieces to avenge my nephew’s death ……”

Qin Xiaotian raised the sky and roared as a bloodthirsty killing aura filled the entire Qin family!

“Third Master, let’s take a long look at this matter, a hairy boy, I don’t feel that he would be so capable or have the guts to kill the eldest young master, I suspect that someone in it is deliberately targeting my Qin family, you have to know that Wild Wolf is a Grand Master, how could a hairy boy in his twenties kill him!”

The butler walked up to Qin Xiaotian’s side and carefully persuaded him.

“What do you mean?” Qin Xiaotian said with a frown!

“Third Master, think about it, at that time, that Bai Zhan Tang actually made a move with the Eldest Young Master for the sake of this Chen Ping, so there must be something fishy about the Bai family following this Chen Ping, and the person who killed the Eldest Young Master and Wild Wolf is not necessarily that Chen Ping, there could also be someone from the Bai family, knowing that there are quite a few Grand Masters in the Bai family!”

The butler analyzed!

“The Bai family?” Qin Xiaotian’s eyes narrowed slightly as a cold aura flashed in his eyes, “For so many years, we and the Bai family have always been well water, even if that Bai family girl and Qin Feng repented of their marriage, my Qin family didn’t even say anything, they are looking at my Qin family as being easy to bully!”

“Third Master, I think it’s better to wait for the Master to come out of customs and then after the eldest young master is buried, then we can discuss the matter in the long run, if the Bai family is really involved, things won’t be simple!”

The butler continued to persuade Qin Xiaotian!

Qin Xiaotian nodded, “Well, if it’s really related to the Bai family, even if we have to fight to the death, we still have to avenge Qin Feng!”