Phoenix Among Men Chapter 515

Jiangbei provincial city!

Chen Ping had stayed for six or seven days in a row, but he hadn’t seen the Qin family come to take revenge, which made him a little annoyed, he couldn’t keep waiting pa*sively, Chen Ping’s need for spiritual energy was now growing, he had to go in search of resources to do so!

Originally he had planned to have Bai Zhan Tang bring along to Xuan Yue Valley for a spin, but now he was delayed because of Qin Feng’s matter.

On this day, Chen Ping was instructing Lin Tianhu and Red Phoenix to practise their kung fu when a guard ran in!

“Mr. Chen, Pavilion Master Li of the Dharma Protection Pavilion requests an audience!”

The guard said to Chen Ping.

“Li Shouyi? What does he want with me?” Chen Ping was stunned, since he had refused Li Shouyi’s invitation to join the Guardian Pavilion command last time, Li Shouyi hadn’t sought him out since!

“Tell him to get me in the living room, I’ll be right there!”

Chen Ping finished and looked at Lin Tianhu and Red Phoenix, “You two practice against each other, don’t be afraid to get hurt, real strength comes from actual combat!”

“Got it!” Lin Tianhu and Red Phoenix nodded their heads!

Chen Ping returned to the living room, at this moment Li Shouyi was sitting on the sofa waiting for Chen Ping.

Seeing that Chen Ping had returned, Li Shouyi hurriedly got up, “Mr. Chen, I’ve taken the liberty to disturb you!”

“Court Master Li is polite, what can I do for you?”

Chen Ping said with a faint smile!

“There’s a big shot who wants to meet Mr. Chen, it’s at the West Street Teahouse, I hope Mr. Chen will appreciate your face ……”

Li Shouyi said politely.

Chen Ping was stunned, the person who could make Li Shouyi come over to invite him must be quite powerful, and this Li Shouyi’s mouth was talking about a big shot, it looked like he was also following Li Shouyi who was also involved in the officialdom!

Chen Ping didn’t really like dealing with them and wouldn’t join them because there were too many fetters that would restrict a lot of Chen Ping’s freedom!

“Court Master Li, I’m really sorry, I’m a bit occupied right now and can’t get away ……”

Chen Ping politely shrugged it off!

“Then when will Mr. Chen have time?” Li Shouyi asked, undeterred.

“I don’t have time for the last few days!” Chen Ping said!

“No time for the last few days?” As soon as Li Shouyi heard this, he understood that Chen Ping was just finding an excuse to excuse himself from the meeting!

“Mr. Chen, this is a big man, a big man who can be said to be able to cover the sky with his hands ……”

Li Shouyi increased his tone of voice!

Chen Ping smiled indifferently, “Sorry, I don’t have time for such a big person, if Court Master Li doesn’t have any other business, I won’t see him off!”

“Mr. Chen, this is a big shot from Kyoto, you should think carefully!”

Li Shouyi’s brow furrowed and his face turned a little less than pleasant!

It would be fine if Chen Ping didn’t give himself face, this was a big shot from Kyoto, an existence that no one could afford to mess with, and Chen Ping didn’t even give face!

“Send the guest …………”

Chen Ping also put away his smiling face and shouted directly!

Li Shouyi actually threatened him?

Chen Ping was most unafraid of threats, even if it was a big shot from Kyoto, so what, Chen Ping wouldn’t see him if he didn’t want to!

“You …………” Li Shouyi’s face turned red with anger, but in the end, he had no choice but to sigh and leave!

Inside the teahouse on West Street, a middle-aged man with a Chinese face was sipping his tea, and behind him stood a young man with a straight body and short hair, the whole person looked very competent!

“Little Li, how old are you?”

The middle-aged man suddenly spoke.

“Back to the Pavilion Master, I’m twenty-five years old!”

The young man said loudly without looking away.

“Well, about the same age as him, both are young and talented ah, it is still good to be young ……”

A few moments of envy flashed in the eyes of the middle-aged man with the Chinese character face!

Just then, Li Shouyi pushed the door and walked in, with a few moments of anger on his face!

When the middle-aged man saw this, he couldn’t help but faintly stare, “Where is the man?”

“Lord Zhao, that …… that Chen Ping excused himself with something and didn’t come at all!”

Li Shouyi lowered his head and said with a face of shame!