Phoenix Among Men Chapter 516

“Not coming?” The middle-aged man acted surprised, and then asked at Li Shouyi, “Did you tell him my identity?”

“No, no ……” Li Shouyi waved his hands repeatedly, “How dare I easily reveal Lord Zhao’s identity without his word, I just reminded him that it was a big shot from Kyoto, but that Chen Ping still shrugged it off! ”

“Simply outrageous, this kid is too wild, you know how many dignitaries in Kyoto want to meet our Court Master, our Court Master doesn’t even have the time, and this kid shirks it off?”

Little Li burst out in anger at this!

“Interesting, a bit interesting …………” Instead of getting angry, the middle-aged man laughed.

“Since he’s not coming, then we’ll go find him!” The middle-aged man got up, and then said to that Xiao Li, “Xiao Li, go and buy some gifts, nothing too bad, after all, it’s the first time you visit someone’s home as a guest!”

“Your Highness, that kid didn’t give you face, and you even went to his house?” Little Li said in surprise!

“Go if you’re told to, don’t mind the rest!” The middle-aged man said with a slightly cold face!

Little Li was so scared that he didn’t dare to say anything and hurriedly went to prepare the gifts!

“Shouyi, what kind of person is this Chen Ping, tell me properly …………”

The middle-aged man asked to Li Shouyi.

Li Shouyi could only tell the middle-aged man exactly what he knew!

“Really is a newborn calf is not afraid of tiger, in Jiangbei province city to cause trouble, now extend his hand to Kyoto, even the Qin family kid to kill, have the courage and strength, is a good seedling ……”

The middle-aged man laughed!

“Lord Zhao, you said that Chen Ping killed the Qin family’s man in Kyoto?” Li Shouyi was faintly shocked!

“It seems that you are incompetent as the head of the Jiangbei Provincial City Dharma Protection Pavilion, that Chen Ping was the one who killed Qin Feng in the provincial city and you didn’t even know it!”

The middle-aged man looked at Li Shouyi and said.

This scared Li Shouyi half to death, and cold sweat instantly flowed down his forehead.

“Lord Zhao pardon me, this is indeed my oversight ……”

Li Shouyi hastily admitted his guilt!

“Well, what’s the use of you knowing that? Can you control that Chen Ping or that Qin Feng?”

The middle-aged man waved his hand.

This sentence had poked Li Shouyi in the heart, he was too much of a loser as the head of the Dharma Protection Pavilion, he couldn’t even control the local gentry in the provincial capital, let alone the gentry from Kyoto!

There is a saying that people are more dead than people, goods are more thrown away than goods, the same Guardian of Dharma pavilion master, but this is the Guardian of Dharma pavilion master in Kyoto, that power and status, even ten Li Shouyi may not be able to match, even the little Li who follows him, Li Shouyi has to respectfully.

Soon, Li Shouyi personally drove the two to the villa where Chen Ping lived.

“Mr. Chen, that Court Master Li is here again!”

One of the guards reported to Chen Ping!

“This Li Shouyi, he’s really undying ……” Chen Ping was helpless for a while, “Tell him to wait in the living room!”

Chen Ping did not go to see Li Shouyi first this time, let him hang out for a while first.

Li Shouyi and the middle-aged man and Xiao Li were invited to the living room, and after pouring a few cups of tea, the underlings left.

The three of them sat in the living room, watching the time pa*s by, but there was no sign of Chen Ping!

“What’s this guy up to? It’s been more than ten minutes and he’s still not coming?”

Little Li looked at his watch and said with an impatient face.

“There’s no need to rush, he’ll naturally come when he’s supposed to!”

But the middle-aged man was in no hurry, his eyes slightly closed as he quietly waited, he seemed to know that Chen Ping was deliberately making them wait!

“Ling’er, these shoes are so pretty today, and they’re a limited edition!”

“No, this dress I bought also just arrived in stock, it’s the only one!”

Su Yuqi followed Gu Ling’er back from her shopping trip, both of them happy to have bought what they wanted!