Phoenix Among Men Chapter 518

Chen Ping just looked at that Xiao Li, Xiao Li’s heart chilled, his body actually trembled involuntarily, it was as if he saw the abyss of hell in Chen Ping’s eyes, it made people shudder!

“Stand down ……”

The middle-aged man let out a scolding, and Xiao Li’s heart and soul froze, a trace of anger flashed across his face, but he still obediently retreated to the middle-aged man’s side!

He himself was actually scared to the point of trembling by a look from Chen Ping, Little Li felt too humiliated, the fighting spirit in the young man’s heart was stirred up, and he looked at Chen Ping with even sharper and colder eyes!

“Pavilion Master Li, it’s been a long wait, I’ve just finished dealing with some matters!”

Chen Ping said in an unsavoury manner towards Li Shouyi!

“Mr. Chen, this is what I was telling you about, Kyoto ……”

“I am Zhao Wuji, the pavilion master of the Guardian Pavilion in Kyoto, it is truly a privilege in three lives to meet such a young and talented young man like Mr. Chen ……”

Without waiting for Li Shouyi to introduce himself, the middle-aged man himself stood up and introduced himself!

When Chen Ping heard this, he looked a little surprised for a moment, he did not expect that the person looking for him would be from the Kyoto Dharma Protector Pavilion.

He didn’t expect to find someone from the Kyoto Dharma Court. He knew that the power of the Kyoto Dharma Court was very great, and that it could oversee the power of the Dharma Court nationwide.

“Pavilion Master Zhao has over-appreciated you!” Chen Ping smiled lightly!

“I am not overpraise, you are the first person who dared to kill the grand duke of the Qin family in Kyoto, perhaps you do not know what the Qin family represents in Kyoto, so you dare to kill that Qin Feng, you are also considered a newborn calf that is not afraid of tigers!”

Zhao Wuji said with a faint smile!

When Chen Ping heard that, he frowned slightly, “You’re here for the Qin family?”

“What are you talking about? How could a Qin family be able to invite our Pavilion Master ……,” that little Li said with a chilly face!

Zhao Wuji waved his hand to shut Xiao Li up before he smiled, “A dead Qin Feng is not enough to alarm me, I’m here for you, I just don’t want to see a good seedling that died halfway through!”

Chen Ping heard Zhao Wuji’s meaning, but he didn’t care, “Killing a Qin Feng, I don’t feel in any danger, a Qin family is just, I haven’t put it in my eyes!”

These words of Chen Ping sounded arrogant in the eyes of the crowd!

“Kid, I’m afraid you really don’t know what strength the Qin Family has, do you? There are no less than ten Grand Masters in the Qin family alone, and there are also four Death Servants called the Four Great Vajra, that Qin family head Qin Xiaoqing is currently in seclusion, I heard that he has reached the strength of the seventh grade of Grand Masters, just picking one out, I’m afraid he can crush you into slag ……”

Little Li looked at Chen Ping with a disdainful face and said!

Chen Ping slowly looked towards that Little Li and said in a cold voice, “You think that the Qin family is strong, that is because your own strength is rubbish …………”

“You …………” Little Li was furious and wanted to strike at Chen Ping, but he was stopped by Zhao Wuji!

“Mr. Chen, I know that you killed Jiang Zhengzhong and made a big name for yourself in Jiangbei provincial city, and you killed Jiang Zhengde and defeated Qin Feng at the martial arts gathering, which made Jiangbei Jiangnan impressed with you, and now the Bai family has also thrown an olive branch at you, but you have to remember that our Great Xia country has more than ten thousand miles of land, Jiangbei is only a corner of it, the woods show in the forest and the wind will destroy it, if Qin Xiaoqing comes out of the gate, even the Even the Bai family cannot protect you!”

Zhao Wuji looked at Chen Ping, seemingly persuasive, but actually with a threat!

“You’re investigating me?” Chen Ping’s brow furrowed and his face took on a bit of a grim look.

“Investigate?” Zhao Wuji smiled faintly, “If I want to know who, why do I need to investigate?”

“Just say what you came for!” Chen Ping had no interest in following Zhao Wuji around in circles!

“Good, I hope you can join our Dharma Protecting Pavilion, you should know that the rise and fall of the country is the responsibility of every man, you are now at the right age to contribute to the country, join the Dharma Protecting Pavilion, I can give you the best treatment, moreover, I will block the matter of you killing Qin Feng for you, so that the Qin family will not bother you, what do you think?”

Zhao Wuji said with an inquiring face.