Phoenix Among Men Chapter 519

“I have already spoken to Pavilion Master Li, I will not join the Protector Pavilion, I still have my own business to do, and I also hope that Pavilion Master Zhao will not use morality and national righteousness to kidnap me, as that will be useless to me ……”

Chen Ping said with a flat face!

“If you join the Dharma Protector Pavilion, I can open up all of the Dharma Protector Pavilion’s secret techniques to you and make you a Grand Master in a very short period of time, what do you think?” Zhao Wuji was undeterred, still promising conditions to Chen Ping!

“Grand Master?” Chen Ping smiled coldly, “It seems that Pavilion Master Zhao is not very well-informed, don’t you know that I also killed that wild wolf of the Qin family? Da Ke is a Grand Patriarch!”

“What are you bragging about, the wild wolf of the Qin family is so strong that I am no match for him, how could you have killed him, it was just the Bai family helping you out, don’t put gold on your own face!”

Little Li laughed coldly when he saw Chen Ping say so!

From the information Zhao Wuji had received, it was indeed suspected that the Bai family had secretly helped Chen Ping out, otherwise a Grand Master, how could Chen Ping have killed him so easily!

“Bragging?” Chen Ping’s face turned cold as his entire body suddenly erupted with an appalling aura, which went directly towards that Little Li!

Sensing this aura, Zhao Wuji’s face was shocked and his body shook slightly as a powerful aura also erupted from his body to resist!

But even so, Little Li was still pressed down by Chen Ping’s aura to the ground on one knee, and his breathing became rapid, if Zhao Wuji had not resisted, he would have vomited blood!

Chen Ping withdrew his breath and coldly looked at Little Li who was kneeling on one knee, “As I said, what you think is powerful is not worth mentioning in the eyes of others, because your strength is too trash ……”

This time, that Little Li didn’t retort, nor did he get angry, but looked at Chen Ping with fear in his eyes, that feeling of frustration in his heart making Little Li’s face flush red!

Zhao Wuji looked at Chen Ping in amazement, and finally sighed and said, “I have underestimated Mr. Chen after all, such strength at such a young age, the future is limitless, unfortunately …… unfortunately …… ”

“People have their own aspirations, I still hope that Pavilion Master Zhao will not make things difficult for me, but if the Dharma Protection Pavilion has any difficulties and needs me, I, Chen Ping, will be obliged to do so!”

Chen Ping did not want to join the Dharma Protector Pavilion because there were too many constraints, and he still had many things to do now.

He had to go to Nameless Island, and to find out his origins, he wanted to know if his real parents were still alive or not!

“Good, with these words from Mr. Chen, I will definitely try my best to work around the matter with the Qin family for you when I return, and you can rest a*sured that the Qin family will not come looking for you during this period of time, they will have to wait for that Qin Xiaoqing to come out of seclusion before making a decision!”

Zhao Wuji said.

“Then, thank you, Pavilion Master Zhao, if I have time to go to Kyoto, I will definitely seek out Pavilion Master Zhao for a few drinks!” Chen Ping smiled lightly!

“Hahahaha, no problem, I’ll be waiting for you anytime!”

Zhao Wuji laughed loudly, just as Zhao Wuji was about to leave, he suddenly remembered something and looked at Chen Ping, “I heard that the Xuan Yue Valley in the southwest has some problems following Mr. Chen?”

“Well, I just killed a few people from Xuan Yue Valley!” Chen Ping nodded his head.

“Should be killed, this Xuan Yue Valley is getting more and more excessive, I am arranging manpower these days to investigate this Xuan Yue Valley, these guys have already extended their hands to ordinary people, now Southwest has reported several cases of missing young girls, and there are also several people from the Southwest Protector Pavilion have been killed for unknown reasons, I suspect it is this Xuan Yue Valley that did this, simply lawless. ”

Zhao Wuji said indignantly with an angry face.

Zhao Wuji’s words reminded Chen Ping of the time when he had just killed that Jiang Zhengzhong and Master Fuzzy, when there were quite a few girls imprisoned inside the Jiang family’s villa, and there were many gruesome bodies of young girls buried in the dirt slope not far away!