Phoenix Among Men Chapter 527

Bai Zhantang looked at Chen Ping, he needed Chen Ping’s permission to do so.

Chen Ping gave a nod, “Go ahead, don’t be too late, we have things to do tomorrow!”

“Got it!” Bai Zhantang nodded!

“Senior, what are you always listening to him for, don’t mind him ……”

Shen Mengchen dragged Bai Zhantang away!

After Shen Mengchen and Bai Zhantang left, Shen Dansan waved his hand and told all his underlings to go out!

Chen Ping, on the other hand, slowly took a sip of tea, “Say what you have to say!”

He knew that Shen Dansan must have something to say after himself alone!

As soon as Chen Ping’s words fell, Shen Dansan fell to his knees in front of Chen Ping with a poof, which startled Chen Ping!

“Mr. Chen, I beg Mr. Chen to save my daughter’s life ……”

Shen Dingshan said as he knelt in front of Chen Ping.

Chen Ping was instantly baffled and hurriedly helped Shen Dingshan up and said, “What do you mean by that?”

Shen Dingshan looked at Chen Ping and said, “Mr. Chen is a dragon among men, only you can save my daughter, you are the noble man I have been waiting for!”

“Does your daughter have any difficult illnesses?”

Chen Ping couldn’t understand what this Shen Dansan meant!

Shen Dansan shook his head, “Mr. Chen, I know that you have come here to deal with that Xuan Yue Valley, and I also know that you have killed the Xuan Yue Valley’s Fuzzy as well as the left inspector and two guardians, the Xuan Yue Valley now has an unholy grudge against you!”

“Who the hell are you?” Chen Ping frowned, this feeling of being kept in the dark was bad!

The other party knew his details clearly, while he knew nothing about the other party!

“I’m not going to hide it from Mr. Chen, I’m the valley master of Xuan Yue Valley …………”

As soon as Shen Dansan’s words fell, Chen Ping’s nerves tightened up and he looked at Shen Dansan with a wary face!

“Mr. Chen, there is no need to be afraid, when I was the Xuan Yue Valley Master, it was already five years ago, the current Valley Master is my disciple Qian Feng!”

Shen Dansan saw how wary Chen Ping was and hurriedly explained!

“You say it clearly once ……”

Chen Ping said with a frown!

“Good!” Shen Dansan began to tell Chen Ping the story one by one!

The original Xuan Yue Valley was just an organization, not a cult like it is now, Shen Dansan relied on his face reading skills and took in many disciples, and developed the Xuan Yue Valley very well, but who knew that after he took that Qian Feng as his disciple, Qian Feng had evil intentions and finally drove Shen Dansan out of the Xuan Yue Valley, and he became the valley master himself!

Since Qian Feng became the head of the valley, the entire Xuan Yue Valley has become dark and dark, and he will do anything to practice his kung fu and collect money.

Recently, many young girls had disappeared in Baihai City, and Shen Dansan guessed that it was Qian Feng’s work, and he also saw that he would die soon and his daughter Shen Mengchen would also be killed by Qian Feng.

The first time he saw Chen Ping, he knew that he was the right person. And why didn’t that Qian Feng kill you when he drove you out of Xuan Yue Valley?”

“Ai!” Shen Dansan sighed, “Mr. Chen has no idea, that Qian Feng should know that my physiognomy is very powerful, so he was already disfigured when he took me as his teacher, saying that his family was killed by a fire and he managed to escape disfigurement, I took him in seeing that he was pitiful, and now that Qian Feng wears a mask every day!”

“As for why he didn’t kill me, it’s because he still wants to get a secret book of phrenology from me, but I already feel that he’s about to make a move on me, and the bargaining chip that can force me to hand over the secret book is my daughter Shen Mengchen, and now only Mr. Chen can save my daughter!”