Phoenix Among Men Chapter 528

“This Qian Feng is really heavy-minded!” Chen Ping was shocked to hear this, being able to disfigure himself and making plans very early on, it seemed that this was also a ruthless person.

“This is the reason why you have not allowed your daughter to go to Xuan Yue Valley, right? And today you agreed for her to go because there was a reason for me?”

Chen Ping asked.

Shen Dansan nodded, “With Mr. Chen around, I can rest a*sured, and there has to be an end to this matter, I won’t live for half a month!”

“Do you have any illness? I know a little bit about medicine, I can take a look for you!”

Chen Ping said.

Shen Dansan shook his head, “I’ve let too much out of the open, and even the Great Golden Immortal won’t be able to save me, so Mr. Chen doesn’t have to bother with me.

“Please speak, Master Shen!”

“Mr. Chen, you are by no means a mortal, so you will have many followers around you, but not many of them are loyal to you, and many of them are because of interests, such as that Bai Zhan Tang ……”

“I understand, I’m just working with the Bai family!” Chen Ping smiled, he just needed the medicinal herbs from the White Family’s Medicine King House, but if the White Family had something to do, Chen Ping would also have something to help, if the White Family fell, no one would be collecting medicinal herbs for him, this is a cooperative relationship!

“Mr. Chen, just now my daughter was right, you will indeed have a bloodbath soon, but your identity is too secretive, even I can’t see through it, so I need Mr. Chen’s help to see what your calamity is ……”

Shen Dianshan continued!

“How do you want my help?” Chen Ping asked.

“I need a drop of essence blood from Mr. Chen!”

“No problem!” Chen Ping directly bit through his finger and squeezed out a drop of essence blood!

Shen Dansan dipped his own finger into Chen Ping’s essence blood and then gently touched it on his forehead, before his eyes stared deadly at Chen Ping, not blinking!

After a while, Shen Dansan’s face began to turn white, and cold sweat ran down his forehead!

Poof …………

A mouthful of fresh blood violently spurted out of Shen Dansan’s mouth!

“Master Shen ……” Chen Ping hurriedly reached out and injected a wave of spiritual energy into Shen Dianshan’s body!

Shen Dianshan looked at Chen Ping in shock, and only after a moment of reprieve did he say to Chen Ping, “I still can’t see through Mr. Chen’s identity, but you are definitely not an ordinary person, and your bloodbath was on the 15th of July, it should have happened at sea or on an island!”

Boom …………

The first thing that happened to him was that he had to go to the island.

Could it be that there wasn’t any chance for him to board the island, but rather a calamity waiting for him?

Chen Ping was at a loss, not knowing who to trust!

“Who cares, let’s talk about boarding the island on the 15th of July ……”

Chen Ping said with a ruthless determination!

Shen Dianshan at this time the whole person became a lot older, the face of the creases also significantly more, the body is also weak a lot!

Seeing this, Chen Ping wanted to inject some spiritual energy into Shen Dansan again, but was stopped by Shen Dansan with a wave of his hand, “Mr. Chen, there is no need to waste your efforts, it is useless, I can still live for five days at most, I only hope that Mr. Chen can destroy Xuan Yue Valley and save my daughter’s life!”

“Don’t worry, Master Shen, I will definitely exterminate that Xuan Yue Valley!” Chen Ping said with a determined face!

Shen Dianshan smiled gratefully, after following Chen Ping for a while longer, Bai Zhantang and Shen Mengchen returned, seeing Shen Dianshan’s bad face, Shen Mengchen hurriedly asked, “Dad, what’s wrong with you?”

“Nothing!” Shen Dansan smiled faintly.

“Master Shen, we will not bother you anymore!”

Chen Ping followed Shen Dansan and said goodbye.

“Good!” Shen Dansan nodded his head.

“Senior, tomorrow I’ll drive to pick you up and we’ll go to Xuan Yue Valley together to play!” Shen Mengchen said happily as she followed Bai Zhantang.

Bai Zhan Tang smiled and nodded before following Chen Ping away!