Phoenix Among Men Chapter 529

Early the next morning!

Shen Mengchen drove straight to the hotel, ready to follow Bai Zhantang and Chen Ping to Xuan Yue Valley Resort!

Xu Shimao and his group were also fully loaded and ready to go to Xuan Yue Valley to investigate!

When he saw Shen Mengchen driving over to pick up Bai Zhantang and Chen Ping, Xu Shimao said coldly, “It’s fine for you to swim in the mountains, don’t interfere with our official duties, besides, if you are in danger, I don’t have time to save you!”

“How do you talk like that?” Shen Mengchen looked a bit uncomfortable and said to that Xu Shimao, “I think you still have a bloodbath today, you’d better stay honestly in the hotel!”

“You say another word ……”

Xu Shimao was furious, when the car accident happened on the road, Xu Shimao was already resentful and thought it was Shen Mengchen who cursed himself, now Shen Mengchen even said that about him, how could Xu Shimao bear it!

“I kindly reminded you, since you don’t believe me, forget it!”

Shen Mengchen rolled her eyes, and then looked at Bai Zhantang with a smile on her face, “Senior, let’s get in the car!”

Bai Zhantang gave Chen Ping a look before getting into the pa*senger seat, while Chen Ping sat in the back!

Shen Mengchen kicked the accelerator and the car scurried off!

“Hmph, I really don’t know what the Pavilion Master asked me to bring two gentry over for ……”

Xu Shimao muttered and led the others to get into the car as well and head towards Xuan Yue Valley Resort!

The Xuan Yue Valley Resort was in the southwest of Bai Hai City, only about a hundred miles away, because the resort was so large, so there were quite a few tourists, which was also an important economic source for Xuan Yue Valley!

To know that the Xuan Yue Valley had many members, it was a considerable expense to maintain, and this resort was exactly able to maintain the expenses of the Xuan Yue Valley, especially the purchase of medicinal herbs!

After arriving at the place, Shen Mengchen was like a wild horse off the leash, looking around happily.

“Senior, let’s go to the temple to meet that divination master, I want to see if this guy is really talented or a fraud ……”

Shen Mengchen pulled Bai Zhantang and said.

The first thing you can do is to look at Chen Ping with a questioning gaze, and when you see Chen Ping nod, then Bai Zhan Tang agrees!

Chen Ping did not follow along, instead he walked towards the depths of Xuan Yue Valley.

The temple was not large, but it was packed with people, all looking for divination from that master, and Shen Mengchen pulled Bai Zhantang and desperately squeezed towards it!

“What are you squeezing for, don’t you know how to queue up?”

A man with a fierce face yelled at Shen Mengchen!

But as soon as the words left his mouth, the man was pulled away by someone beside him, “You’re looking for death, that’s the Miss Shen family!”

Soon, the crowd looked at Shen Mengchen and gave way, it seemed that the Shen family was still very famous in Baihai City!

In the temple lobby, a master in monk’s robes, sitting cross-legged, raised his eyes and looked at Shen Mengchen before slowly lowering his head again!

“Master, how much is a trigram, I’m asking for a trigram ……”

Shen Mengchen asked to that master.

“Miss Shen is joking, your Shen family is exquisite in face reading, how come you still need me to divine!”

The master said with a faint smile!

“Physiognomy is physiognomy, divination is divination, how can it be the same, I came here today specifically to have you divine, I want to see if you are right!”

Shen Mengchen said with a playful expression.

“In that case, let’s ask Miss Shen to shake the sign!” The master handed Shen Mengchen a bamboo tube with many bamboo sticks inside!

Shen Mengchen took the bamboo tube and shook it hard, and soon one bamboo stick fell to the ground!

The master picked up the bamboo sticks and looked at them, and smiled lightly: “Miss Shen has recently had an undeserved disaster, and I’m afraid that your father will die soon!”

As soon as the Master’s words fell, Shen Mengchen’s face instantly turned ugly: “What did you say? Do you believe I will smash your broken temple?”