Phoenix Among Men Chapter 530

“Hahahaha, believe it or not, I’m just following the trigram on the bamboo stick, why should Miss Shen be angry, if you don’t believe me, I can explain it to you slowly!”

After the master finished speaking, he looked at the disciples on either side and said, “Drive all the others out, this is the end of the day!”

The two disciples hurriedly shooed all the people in the queue away, and then closed the lobby door!

Bai Zhan Tang frowned slightly as he gazed towards that master, his expression slightly tense!

“Schoolmate, let’s go, this thing is nothing but a scam!”

Bai Zhantang said to Shen Mengchen.

“Senior, if this guy can’t explain himself today, I’ll tear down his broken temple, how dare he curse my father to death!”

Shen Mengchen had a furious look on her face as she squatted down and said to the master, “Explain to me, if you can’t explain clearly, you know the consequences!”

“Miss Shen, your undeserved disaster has now arrived!”

The master looked at Shen Mengchen and suddenly smiled grimly!

“What do you mean?” Shen Mengchen was stunned!

But before Shen Mengchen could react, she only saw that Master slap his palm towards Shen Mengchen!

Shen Mengchen was startled and had no time to react, but Bai Zhantang on the side was already prepared and kicked out, only to see the kick land on that master’s wrist, and pulled Shen Mengchen up with one hand: “Schoolmate, go ……”

Shen Mengchen was stunned, she didn’t think that this master would dare to make a move on her, to know that their Shen family was the only one who could cover the sky in Baihai City, but there was still someone who dared to hit her!

“Since you’re here, don’t try to leave ……”

The Master smiled coldly as he suddenly rose into the air and slapped his palm at Bai Zhan Tang!

Bai Zhan Tang fought to resist, but his whole body still flew backwards and fell heavily against the wall!

“Senior …………”

Shen Mengchen hurriedly ran over and shouted with a worried face.

That master walked towards Shen Mengchen with a cold smile on his face, Shen Mengchen looked at that master in horror, “What are you going to do? My dad is Shen Dianshan, if you dare to touch me, he won’t let you go ……”

“Hahahaha, if you weren’t the daughter of that Shen Dianshan, I wouldn’t have moved you today, as long as I caught you, that Shen Dianshan would still be obedient ……”

With a fierce smile on his face, the master reached out and grabbed towards Shen Mengchen!

Bam …………

Suddenly there was a loud bang as the door to the lobby was banged open with great effort and Xu Shimao rushed in with his men!

Seeing the scene in front of him, Xu Shimao looked at that master angrily and said, “You b*****d, pretending to be moral but behind the scenes you are doing things worse than pigs and dogs, today I will bring you to justice!”

“People of the Kyoto Dharma Protecting Pavilion, you have come after all ……”

That Grandmaster didn’t seem surprised by Xu Shimao’s appearance.

“Since you know my identity, why don’t you fold your hands and capture me, do you want me to do it?” Xu Shimao shouted angrily!

“Tie your hands and capture?” The Master smiled coldly, “Not a single person who came here today will be able to leave!”

As the words fell, a dozen of men suddenly emerged from the back of the lobby, all of them with extraordinary skills, and it looked like they had been ambushing behind them for a long time!

When Xu Shimao saw this, his face became a bit ugly!

“Do you really think that my divination technique is a trick? I had expected you all to come!”

The Grandmaster said with a face full of smugness!

“Make a move ……”

Xu Shimao shouted and attacked directly towards that Grandmaster!

The Grandmaster’s face also sank, “Kill everyone from the Dharma Protection Pavilion, and arrest that man and woman, a young master of the Bai family and a young miss of the Shen family, what a good bargaining chip ……”

It looks like they already knew the identities of Bai Zhan Tang and Shen Meng Chen!

Xu Shimao, the strength of a Grand Master, followed that Grandmaster in a battle, and surprisingly, he couldn’t get the upper hand at all, and those of his men were all fighting to resist, they were no match at all, and soon there were casualties!