Phoenix Among Men Chapter 531

“Who the hell are you?” Xu Shimao was getting more and more alarmed.

“Hahahaha, remembering that you are about to die, what’s the harm in telling you, I am the Third Elder of Xuan Yue Valley, I am responsible for all the girls that have disappeared recently, what can you do to me?”

The Third Elder laughed arrogantly!

Xu Shimao’s face was cold to the core, he did not expect the Third Elder of Xuan Yue Valley to act as a divination master inside the temple, and the strength of Xuan Yue Valley seemed to have exceeded the Guardian Pavilion’s prediction!

Even if Xu Shimao had the ability to destroy the Xuan Yue Valley, he would not be able to do so, knowing that there were four elders in the Valley and the Valley Master was even more powerful.

Xu Shimao didn’t understand why Zhao Wuji had sent him to investigate the destruction of Xuan Yue Valley, he couldn’t possibly accomplish his mission with this skill!

In fact, Xu Shimao didn’t know that Zhao Wuji didn’t expect him to destroy Xuan Yue Valley personally, he was expecting Chen Ping to do it, and as long as Chen Ping did it, Xuan Yue Valley would be destroyed!

However, Xu Shimao could only grit his teeth and carry on, his whole body exerting his Qi to the utmost as he followed the Third Elder in a tussle!

But no matter how hard Xu Shimao fought, he was still in a disadvantageous position after all!

Boom …………

The Third Elder smashed his fist into Xu Shimao’s chest, and Xu Shimao flew out, hitting the window hard and smashing it to pieces!

A mouthful of blood spurted out, Xu Shimao tried to get up, but tried several times without success, and the men he had brought with him were dead and wounded!

“I quite admire your Guardian Pavilion, to send only one Grand Master to provoke my Xuan Yue Valley, is this really not putting our Xuan Yue Valley in your eyes?”

The Third Elder walked up to Xu Shimao and stamped one foot on Xu Shimao’s chest!

“If you want to kill, just kill, what’s the point of wasting words!”

Although Xu Shimao was defeated, but there was not the slightest panic in his eyes, he said with a fierce face!

“I heard that the Guardian Pavilion is full of good men, and it really lives up to its name, but I won’t let you die in pain ……”

The Third Elder smiled coldly and stepped down with a foot, several of Xu Shimao’s ribs instantly snapped!

The intense pain caused Xu Shimao to sweat coldly, but he clenched his teeth to death and didn’t say a word!

Seeing this scene, Shen Mengchen’s face turned a little pale and turned her head to the side, unwilling to see this scene!

Before she set off, Shen Mengchen still hated Xu Shimao a little, but at this moment, she did hope that Xu Shimao was alright!

It was just that before she set off, she had warned Xu Shimao of the plague of bloodshed, and it wasn’t just nonsense, but now that it had come true, it was just her own plague, but she couldn’t see it herself!

At this moment, on the other side, Chen Ping walked out of the resort, following a stream all the way towards the depths of Xuan Yue Valley, the tourists were getting fewer and fewer, and at the end there was no one in sight, the lofty mountains on both sides almost blocked out the sunlight, making the canyon a little dark!

Chen Ping kept surveying the surrounding terrain, scouting for any aura fluctuations, knowing that many of these guys in Xuan Yue Valley were warlocks and would have faint aura fluctuations on their bodies, and as long as these people were around, Chen Ping would be able to sense them!

If he could find the lair of Xuan Yue Valley, it would be even better, but Chen Ping knew that an organisation like Xuan Yue Valley was very secretive, and the lair could not be in such an important place.

Chen Ping continued to walk forward, and after walking some distance, a wave of aura fluctuations began to come towards Chen Ping, so Chen Ping just raised his feet and put them back!

Looking at the empty canyon in front of him, Chen Ping suddenly flicked out a stream of spiritual energy from his finger, which, after advancing a few metres, suddenly flashed a red light as if it had touched something, while the red light spread instantly like a spider’s web, and then disappeared!

“I can’t believe that a formation has been arranged …………”

Chen Ping smiled coldly as he turned around and walked backwards!