Phoenix Among Men Chapter 540

The power and speed of this huge wave was surprisingly no worse than the wave Chen Ping had just waved, this huge wave was like a big truck moving at high speed, ruthlessly slamming into Chen Ping!

Chen Ping shook his head slightly and reached out to grab it, the countless pools of water actually coalesced into a water sword in Chen Ping’s hand.

“Give me a break …………”

The longsword in Chen Ping’s hand swung, directly splitting that huge wave in two, directly pa*sing through Chen Ping’s body and rushing towards the sides!

Rumble …………

The huge wave that was split in two hit the shore and actually smashed the boulders on the shore, which shows how powerful this huge wave was!

When Bai Zhan Tang and the others on the shore saw this, they all tensed up and sweated for Chen Ping!

If Chen Ping was defeated, none of them would be able to survive!

“Not bad, keep coming …………”

Qian Feng shouted angrily, his body fell from mid-air in directly, a fist fiercely hit the surface of the water, the huge impact caused the pool water to form a ripple that continuously began to spread, and the water droplets that were stirred up, also shot towards Chen Ping in an overwhelming manner, just like a dense bullet!

The corners of Chen Ping’s mouth lifted as his body leapt up, followed by his arms spreading out like wings, and the water below instantly formed a wall of water curtain in front of Chen Ping as if attracted by some force!

The ripples spread out from underneath Chen Ping’s feet, and the water droplets, which were like bullets, all hit the water curtain and fell back into the pond water!

The huge ripples spread to the shore, causing the entire gorge to tremble slightly!

“It seems you have more strength than I thought!”

Chen Ping’s eyes gaped slightly, he felt a burst of spiritual energy fluctuation from Qian Feng’s attack, although the warlock’s body would also produce spiritual energy fluctuation when activating the formation, but all of them were minimal, and the general warlock was very unlikely to cultivate internal energy, so once the spell was broken, the warlock would only be slaughtered!

But this Qian Feng not only knew the spell, but his body could also explode with such great power. The spiritual power fluctuation that this Qian Feng’s body exploded with was almost close to that of an immortal cultivator, which was stronger than the Master Ma that he met at Mount Heng!

“My strength, you can never imagine …………”

Qian Feng smiled coldly as his body floated down to the top of the pool!

Chen Ping also used his strength and stepped on a small wooden board, looking at Chen Ping like that, Qian Feng’s eyes were full of confidence!

“Is that so? Then let me see your true strength!”

Chen Ping’s body grabbed towards the pool of water, as if he had caught something, and swung towards that Qian Feng!

As Chen Ping waved his hand, a pillar of water leapt up from the cold pool, as if it had been grabbed by Chen Ping, and the huge pillar of water was like a steel whip, fiercely pumping towards that Qian Feng!

The pillar of water was several feet long, flashing with a vague cold aura. Seeing this, Qian Feng hurriedly slapped his palms towards the pool water, which instantly raised huge waves, followed by a wall of water curtain appearing in front of Qian Feng!

Boom …………

The huge pillar of water in Chen Ping’s hand viciously smacked the water curtain wall in front of Qian Feng, emitting a loud sound that tore the water curtain wall apart.

Qian Feng’s face was shocked and his body hurriedly retreated as the several feet long water pillar lashed above the water surface, splashing up to a height of more than ten meters!

Although he dodged the blow, the powerful qi contained in the water pillar nevertheless caused Qian Feng’s chest to ache hotly and painfully, and a gaping hole appeared on his clothes!

“Is this your true strength?”

Chen Ping said with a cold smile of indifference on his face!

Qian Feng’s face turned a little ugly: “My true talent has yet to be displayed, have you forgotten that I am the righteous son of the Miao Village Poison King?”