Phoenix Among Men Chapter 541

Qian Feng said, only to clasp his hands together and gently put them to his mouth and blow!

An ear-piercing sound came out of Qian Feng’s mouth!

With the sound, the entire pool water began to boil violently, and soon a whirlpool appeared, as if there were countless behemoths in the water!

“Be careful, Mr. Chen, he’s about to activate the poison!”

The Grand Elder hurriedly warned Chen Ping!

Looking at the pool of water beneath his feet, Chen Ping’s body leapt straight up!

But just as Chen Ping leapt up, countless poisonous insects over an inch long suddenly sprang out of the water, densely packed with poisonous insects rushing out of the water and heading straight for Chen Ping!

Tens of thousands of poisonous insects directly reflected the sky in blackness, and Chen Ping was personally enveloped in it, unable to avoid it!

Soon, those poisonous insects directly drowned Chen Ping, and countless poisonous insects wrapped around Chen Ping’s body, falling rapidly from mid-air!

Poof …………

Chen Ping fell directly into the pool of water and was soon lost to sight!

Slowly, the pool water regained its calmness, and only the occasional bubble could be seen gushing up!

Seeing this scene, the four elders as well as Bai Zhan Tang and the others were all terrified, their faces turning white!

“Let’s run …………”

Suddenly, the Eldest Elder shouted and turned around and ran!

Without Chen Ping, how could these people be Qian Feng’s opponent, staying would only lead to death!

Bai Zhan Tang pulled up Shen Meng Chen and also turned around and ran!

“Hahahaha, you guys are too naive, no one can escape from me!”

Qian Feng laughed loudly and did not chase after him, as if he had already planned to do so.

Seeing that Qian Feng was not chasing after him, Bai Zhan Tang and the others were slightly relieved!

However, they had just run away a short distance when they heard a rustling sound, followed by countless poisonous snakes crawling out from the two sides of the canyon, each with its head tilted up and spitting out its letters, stopping everyone in front of them!

At the sight of the vipers, everyone was shocked and hurriedly stopped in their tracks, not daring to take a step forward!

“Run, why don’t you run?”

Qian Feng slowly walked up from behind!

There was a poisonous snake in front of them and a chaser at the back, several people’s faces were hard to see, especially Shen Mengchen, she was a little girl, where had she seen such a scene, especially the fight between Chen Ping and Qian Feng just now, in her eyes it was just like a fight between gods!

“Valley Master, for the sake that we have been working for you for many years, I hope you can let us live!”

The Eldest Elder looked at Qian Feng with a begging face!

“A way out?” Qian Feng smiled coldly, “You’ve been following me for many years, don’t you know the way I treat traitors?”

As soon as Qian Feng’s words fell, the faces of the four elders instantly became extremely ugly and grim, they didn’t dare to imagine what they would be facing in a moment!

“Brothers, it’s all or nothing, we might as well fight, falling into his hands will definitely not end well …………”

The eldest clenched his teeth and roared!

“Let’s fight …………”

The other three elders all flashed their weapons, instead of sitting around waiting to die, they might as well fight, if they really fall into Qian Feng’s hands, it would be worse than death!

“Captain Xu, you look after Miss Shen!”

Bai Zhantang handed Shen Mengchen over to Xu Shimao and also stepped forward, one more person would be one more strength at this time!

Xu Shimao was injured and could only barely protect Shen Mengchen, he also wanted to stand up for himself, but he knew his current body simply wouldn’t allow it!

“Hahahaha, just you stinky fish and shrimps, you want to follow me in a fight too?”

Qian Feng laughed, his eyes filled with contempt and disdain!

“Kill …………”

The Grand Elder shouted angrily, wielding his weapon and rushed forward!

“Kill ……”

“Kill ……”

The remaining three elders as well as Bai Zhan Tang all swarmed forward as well!