Phoenix Among Men Chapter 545

When the Grand Elder saw this, he realized that Chen Ping was just getting rid of the parasites for these Xuan Yue Valley people!

“Many thanks, Mr. Chen …………”

Those from Xuan Yue Valley followed Chen Ping in unison and said thank you!

Chen Ping nodded, then walked towards the middle of the hall of Xuan Yue Valley’s main camp, seeing the clay jar on the table, the corners of Chen Ping’s mouth lifted slightly as he walked straight over and stuck his hand inside!

The parasites inside tore at Chen Ping’s hand, but they all died very quickly!

“Does this Xuan Yue Valley have any pills, herbs or the like?”

Chen Ping asked to the Grand Elder.

“Yes, our Xuan Yue Valley still has some gathering pills and some medicinal herbs, but most of them have been shipped away by Qian Feng, probably to the Miao Village!”

The Eldest Elder said.

“Regulate all these things together, no one is allowed to move them, I’ll use them!”

Chen Ping said to that Grand Elder!

The Grand Elder nodded his head repeatedly and didn’t dare to ask more questions, now they would do whatever Chen Ping said!

When Chen Ping took Bai Zhan Tang and Shen Meng Chen back to the Shen family, it was already dark, and Xu Shimao was dragging his seriously injured body back to Kyoto by car.

“Dad, what else do you think you’re hiding from me?”

As soon as he got home, Shen Mengchen shouted at Shen Dianshan!

Seeing Shen Mengchen ask herself this, Shen Dansan knew that she already knew about Xuan Yue Valley, and could only sigh and say, “Daughter, I will explain to you after the matter, I have a little chat with Mr. Chen first ……”

Chen Ping gave a wink towards Bai Zhan Tang, who hurriedly pulled Shen Meng Chen away!

“Mr. Chen, did that Qian Feng kill?”

Shen Dianshan asked.

“Already dead, those four elders and some people from Xuan Yue Valley, I have got rid of the compulsions in their bodies and returned to freedom, if you still want to be the head of Xuan Yue Valley, you can still give orders ……”

Chen Ping said indifferently.

“Me?” Shen Dansan let out a bitter smile, “I can still live for five days at most, what kind of valley master would I be, rather my daughter, what can I do with her after my death? I know that although Mr. Chen has a lot of luck with peach blossoms, he does not have a proper wife yet, I don’t know if my daughter she …………”

Chen Ping hurriedly reached out to stop Shen Dianshan from continuing, “I already have a girlfriend, and besides, you can see who your daughter likes ……”

Shen Dansan sighed helplessly, “They won’t get together after all …………”

Shen Dansan shook his head, and then continued, “Mr. Chen, I hope you can stay for a few more days, I want to give Xuan Yue Valley to my daughter, I hope you can help her out!”

“No problem, I can let Bai Zhan Tang stay for a few more days, besides being able to help Miss Shen, the two of them can also increase their relationship a bit!”

Chen Ping laughed!

Shen Dansan laughed and didn’t say anything!

The next day, Chen Ping and Bai Zhan Tang accompanied Shen Dansan and Shen Mengchen to Xuan Yue Valley together!

Shen Dansan was excited to return to the place he had built after several years!

Chen Ping used the pills and herbs in Xuan Yue Valley to begin his cultivation, he was now at the peak of Foundation Establishment and was just a little short of breaking through to the Valley Breaking Realm!

While Shen Dansan taught Shen Mengchen, Bai Zhan Tang helped out on the sidelines as well!

Five days later, Shen Dansan dies, and Shen Mengchen begs Chen Ping to save him, for in his eyes, Chen Ping is an immortal!

But Chen Ping is not yet an immortal, and even if he were, he would hardly be able to change his fate.

After burying Shen Dianshan, Chen Ping asked Bai Zhan Tang to stay for some time to help and comfort Shen Mengchen, who had just lost her father after all, while he himself boarded a plane back to Hongcheng!