Phoenix Among Men Chapter 546

The plane ticket was booked by Bai Zhantang in first cla*s, and it was Chen Ping’s first time to be in first cla*s on a plane!

After taking the ticket and finding his seat, Chen Ping sat down on a comfortable seat, with his eyes slightly closed, and waited for the plane to take off!

At that moment, two more young people came into the first cla*s cabin, a man and a woman dressed in fashion, the woman with a melon face and a pair of sungla*ses, looked at her ticket and sat down next to Chen Ping!

And the boy’s seat was in front of Chen Ping. The girl looked at Chen Ping after she sat down and gave him a slight frown, her eyes revealing disgust!

The girl looked at the boy who had come along and said, “Brother Liang, I don’t want to be next to this guy, as soon as I look at him, he’s a dirtbag, he stinks to high heaven ……”

The boy hurriedly winked towards the girl, “You bear with me for a while, when the plane takes off, I’ll change places with him!”

The boy didn’t want to cause any trouble, after all, people who can afford to sit in first cla*s must not be ordinary!

The girl pouted, with an unhappy face, “Alright then, but you have to hurry up and check to see if there are still tickets for the Song Tie concert, I don’t want to make a trip for nothing ……”

“Good, good, my dad has a friend in Hongcheng, very powerful, seems to be called something like Lin Tianhu, I heard that when you stomp your feet in Hongcheng, the whole city trembles three times.” The boy hastily bragged!

“Then hurry up and contact him and give us two whole front row tickets, I like Song Tie the most, I just can’t figure out why this time he’s holding a concert in such a small city like Hongcheng?”

The girl had a puzzled look on her face!

“OK, I’ll contact first, you sit and wait ……” the boy nodded!

Chen Ping kept listening with his eyes slightly closed, after hearing that Song Tie actually went to Hongcheng to hold a concert, Chen Ping suddenly felt that this matter might have something to do with himself!

“It’s not possible that Song Tie knew that he was from Hongcheng, so he purposely went to Hongcheng to start a concert, right?”

Chen Ping frowned slightly, if that was the case, then Song Tie would definitely look for himself, how would he explain after Su Yuqi then?

Now there is a Gu Ling’er from time to time to stimulate himself a little, Chen Ping can not even stand it a little, if this Song Tie came again, Chen Ping feels that he really want to collapse.

“Young man, young man …………”

Just as Chen Ping was rambling, suddenly a middle-aged woman tapped Chen Ping on the shoulder!

Chen Ping hurriedly opened his eyes and said, “Auntie, is something wrong?”

“Oh, I was just asking you, I heard that you can get a 20% discount on first cla*s tickets this time, did you get yours discounted?”

The middle-aged woman asked politely.

“Auntie, I’m sorry, I’m not sure, this ticket was bought for me by a friend, and it’s my first time to fly!”

Chen Ping said hurriedly.

“Oh!” The middle-aged woman didn’t say anything else and sat back in her seat!

Once the young boy heard that Chen Ping’s ticket was bought by a friend and that it was Chen Ping’s first time to fly, disdain flashed in his eyes and a condescending posture instantly appeared.

“Dude, give up your seat, you go sit in front, I want to be next to my girlfriend ……”

The boy said to Chen Ping with a condescending face.

Chen Ping just glanced at the boy and ignored him, lying down on the seat again with his eyes slightly closed!

Seeing Chen Ping ignore himself, the boy became furious: “Buddy, didn’t you hear what I said? I told you to move your seat, don’t make me unhappy!”

Chen Ping still ignored him and didn’t even look at the boy!

“D*mn it ……” the boy cursed and reached out towards Chen Ping’s collar, but before his hand touched Chen Ping, he saw Chen Ping open his eyes suddenly and grabbed the boy’s wrist!

Chen Ping’s hand was like a vise, stuck in the boy’s wrist, the tremendous force made the boy cold sweat in pain, wailing loudly!