Phoenix Among Men Chapter 547

“It hurts …… it hurts …… hurry up and let go of me ……”

The boy wailed, and the girl, seeing this, immediately cursed at Chen Ping, “You hick, hurry up and let go of Brother Liang ……”

Chen Ping turned his head to look at the girl, and his harsh eyes scared the girl into shutting her mouth instantly!

But Chen Ping wasn’t exerting any force, instead he let go of his hand, otherwise the boy’s hand would have been directly ruined!

Seeing this, the girl hurriedly got up and helped the boy rub his wrist in place.

“Kid, you’ve got guts, wait until you get to Hongcheng and you’ll have a good time!”

The boy gritted his teeth and threatened Chen Ping, and didn’t dare to force Chen Ping to change his seat anymore!

“Brother Liang, are you alright?” The girl asked with concern.

“Fine, I didn’t expect this hick to be quite strong, when we get off the plane, I’ll make sure you get a taste of my power ……”

The boy said with an indignant look on his face!

Soon, the plane took off, and more than three hours later, the plane landed steadily at Hongcheng Airport!

Chen Ping also had no luggage and got up to walk off the plane, while the pair of young men and women followed closely behind Chen Ping, afraid of losing him like that!

“I’ve already sent a message to Lin Tianhu, I’m going to break this kid’s legs today!”

The boy looked at Chen Ping’s back in front of him and said through clenched teeth.

“What about the tickets?” The girl asked hurriedly.

“No problem either, within the first twenty rows!”

The boy said proudly.

“Brother Liang, you’re fantastic, love you to death …………”

The girl gave the boy a kiss on the cheek!

Walking out of the airport, Lin Tianhu was waiting for Chen Ping at the exit, which Chen Ping had informed him of before he left!

“Mr. Chen …………”

Seeing Chen Ping come out, Lin Tianhu hurriedly greeted him!

Chen Ping glanced at Lin Tianhu and nodded slightly, “Not bad, your strength has improved a lot in the past few days!”

Lin Tianhu smiled, “All thanks to Mr. Chen’s good guidance!”

“Let’s go!” Chen Ping said as he was about to get into the car!

Lin Tianhu’s face looked embarra*sed for a moment, Chen Ping froze, then immediately remembered something, then asked Lin Tianhu, “Are you still waiting for someone else?”

“Mr. Chen, I’m not going to lie to you, I have an old friend I haven’t seen for years, his son is coming to Hongcheng for a concert and has asked me to take care of him!”

Lin Tianhu said with a helpless expression.

Chen Ping recalled the pair he met on the plane and also remembered that the boy had mentioned Lin Tianhu’s name, so he nodded and said, “In that case, let’s wait!”

At that moment, that pair of man and woman also walked out from the airport, the two were walking in a hurry and seemed to be chasing someone!

“Brother Liang, how come that guy disappeared in the blink of an eye?” The girl said a little upset!

“Don’t worry, he can’t get away, as long as he’s in Hong Cheng, I’ll be able to find him!”

The boy took out his mobile phone, then looked at a photo on it and searched for it at the airport exit, which showed Lin Tianhu.

Soon, the boy spotted Lin Tianhu’s location and hurriedly pulled the girl and ran over!

“Uncle Lin, I’m Zhang Liang …………”

The boy hurriedly introduced himself after walking up to Lin Tianhu!

He hadn’t noticed Chen Ping who was already in the car, but the girl saw it at a glance.

At this moment the car window opened generally and half of Chen Ping’s face showed up!

“Brother Liang, it’s him …… he’s here ……”

The girl said excitedly to that Zhang Liang.

Zhang Liang looked in the direction of the girl’s finger and also saw Chen Ping sitting in the car, immediately his eyes glared: “Uncle Lin, this guy just bullied me on the plane, look at my wrist is still red now!”

Zhang Liang hurriedly showed Lin Tianhu his reddened wrist!

“Kid, aren’t you a bully? You’ll get a good look later ……”

The girl also said with a cold smile on Chen Ping’s face.