Phoenix Among Men Chapter 548

However, Chen Ping ignored them and instead looked at Lin Tianhu, “Is this the person you are waiting for?”

Lin Tianhu’s forehead instantly broke into cold sweat and he gave Zhang Liang a fierce slap, “What the f*ck are you talking about? Are you the one who can point fingers at Mr. Chen?”

A slap knocked that Zhang Liang blinded, a face of incredulity looked at Lin Tianhu, while Lin Tianhu said to Chen Ping: “Mr. Chen, I really do not know this guy offended you, I and his father is only a nodding acquaintance, I will send someone to throw them both into the river now …… ”

Lin Tianhu’s words instantly stunned both of them, and the girl burst into tears!

“Forget it, let them go back to wherever they came from!”

Chen Ping waved his hand and raised the car window up!

“You two are lucky today, hurry up and buy your tickets and get the hell back ……”

Lin Tianhu finished, got straight into the car and drove off!

Only the pair of young men and women were left standing in a daze at the airport exit, watching like fools as the vehicle went further and further away ……


Pan Long Mountain Peak Villa!

Su Yuqi was busy inside the kitchen, the whole kitchen was in a pandemonium of smoke.

“I say you stop being busy, making the house all smell of grease and smoke, this is only a few days apart, come back then come back!”

Gu Ling’er covered her nose and persuaded Su Yuqi!

“That’s not good, I must learn to cook and be a good wife and mother, or else Chen Ping will be snatched away, I’m already having a crisis!”

Su Yuqi didn’t listen to the advice and remained busy in the kitchen!

Hearing Su Yuqi’s words, Gu Ling’er, not knowing why, blushed slightly, “I won’t steal your Chen Ping …………”

“Oops, didn’t say you, if you like him, you still need to force it, the two of us together can just do it, then it will not kill that Chen Ping guy’s beauty ……”

Su Yuqi followed Gu Ling’er and joked around!

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing.

“Gu Ling’er, what are you thinking blindly about?” Gu Ling’er hurriedly yelled at herself in her heart, stabilized her mind, and ignored Su Yuqi, she went to the sofa to watch TV!

Soon, Su Yuqi sat down a table of dishes, although it can not say that the colour and flavor, but at least cooked.

Just as Su Yuqi had finished, Lin Tianhu came back with Chen Ping!

As soon as he entered, looking at the somewhat smoky living room, Chen Ping didn’t need to guess what was going on.

“Chen Ping, you’re back, look at the rice I made for you with my own hands …………”

Su Yuqi said with a sense of accomplishment when she saw that Chen Ping had returned.

“Mmm, it smells so good, smelling this aroma makes me hungry ……”

Chen Ping took a strong breath and then said intoxicatedly.

“Really? Then sit down quickly!” Su Yuqi hurriedly told Chen Ping to sit down, and then said to Gu Ling’er and Lin Tianhu, “You two come over and eat together!”

“No no no …………” Lin Tianhu was so frightened that he hurriedly waved his hands, “Chi Feng has already made dinner and is waiting for me to go back and eat! ”

When Chen Ping heard this, he looked playful: “Lin Tianhu, you’re good, you’re living together with Chifeng!”

Lin Tianhu blushed, “We’re both so old, we’re just about the same!”

“I think you two should just live together too, you’ve already established a relationship, why are you still pretending ……”

Gu Ling’er said to Chen Ping and Su Yuqi.

“That won’t do, I want to save the most precious ones for my wedding night!”

Su Yuqi hurriedly shook her head.

“You keep it, just in case some of the girls don’t, you’ll have regrets when the time comes ……”

Gu Ling’er smiled wickedly!

Su Yuqi froze, and then looked at Chen Ping, while Chen Ping, after glaring at Gu Ling’er, gave Su Yuqi a faint smile, “Don’t worry, I’m not that kind of person!”