Phoenix Among Men Chapter 550

But before Chen Ping could say anything, Su Yuqi from the restaurant shouted, “Chen Ping, who is it?”

“Oh, the delivery ……,” said Chen Ping hastily!

“A golden house? Who’s in there?” As soon as Song Tie heard a girl’s voice, he immediately became interested!

“My girlfriend, it’s not what you think ……”

Chen Ping could only explain helplessly!

“Then I’d like to see what your girlfriend looks like, to have a capable boyfriend like you, it’s really enviable ……”

Song Tie said and actually barged straight in towards the house!

Chen Ping wanted to stop, but simply could not stop, he could not carry Song Tie away, right?

Song Tie rushed into the house, Su Yuqi followed by Gu Ling’er was eating a meal, looking at Song Tie who suddenly barged in, both of them froze for a moment!

Song Tie also froze, she didn’t think there were two girls, and both were very good looking, which one was Chen Ping’s girlfriend, she didn’t know either!

“You …… you are Song Tie?”

Gu Ling’er suddenly shrieked in shock after being frozen for a while!

Once Su Yuqi heard that, she also acted a little excited, no wonder she just looked familiar, it turned out to be the big star!

“Hello guys …………”

Song Tie smiled faintly!

“Hello, hello, please have a seat …………”

Gu Ling’er hurriedly greeted Song Tie and sat down, pouring tea and water again!

At this time, Chen Ping also followed him and said to Song Tie, “This is my girlfriend Su Yuqi!”

Song Tie looked at Su Yuqi, and then smiled lightly, “Miss Su is really beautiful, no wonder she can charm Mr. Chen to death ……”

Song Tie extended his hand and shook Su Yuqi’s hand!

Su Yuqi was a bit confused at this point and asked Song Tie, “Miss Song follows my boyfriend and knows him?”

She had never heard Chen Ping mention that she knew a big star like Song Tie!

“I know, Mr. Chen even stayed at my house for a while!”

Song Tie said.

“Stayed at your house?” Su Yuqi looked at Chen Ping in shock!

Gu Ling’er was also confused at this time, looking at Chen Ping incredulously.

“Don’t misunderstand guys, when she said she stayed at his house, she was simply staying at his house, nothing happened ……”

Chen Ping hurriedly explained!

But he felt that the more he explained, the darker he became, and in the end he could only look helplessly at Song Tie for help!

Song Tie smiled: “Miss Su, don’t misunderstand, Mr. Chen is simply staying at my house, because our family is in the ore business, Mr. Chen needs a batch of ore, so he is staying at my house to talk about cooperation!”

“I came this time to deliver ores to Mr. Chen, we are now in a cooperative relationship!”

After Song Tie’s explanation, Su Yuqi instantly understood, she also remembered the matter of Chen Ping following Wu Dong to Mount Heng some time ago!

“Miss Song is overly concerned, how could I have misunderstood, please sit down quickly!”

Su Yuqi smiled and greeted Song Tie as she sat down!

“You guys chat, I’ll go and arrange for someone to unload the ore …………”

Chen Ping found an excuse to slip away, otherwise he wouldn’t really know what to say here!

Chen Ping directed to unload all the spirit stones inside the villa courtyard, this stuff was priceless to Chen Ping, but to ordinary people or martial artists, it was simply just broken stones!

After putting the spirit stones away, Chen Ping walked back to the house and found Su Yuqi, Gu Ling’er and Song Tie laughing, so he was a bit confused as to why the girls could all meet and get acquainted.

“I’ve finished unloading the spirit stones, there’s nothing more for you to do, don’t you have a concert in a few days? Can you give me a few tickets?”

Chen Ping said to Song Tie.

“Of course you can!” Song Tie got up and smiled at Chen Ping, “I’ll give you a few tickets for the front row so that you can see me clearly!”

As Song Tie said this, his eyes flicked towards Chen Ping, scaring him into hastily averting his eyes!