Phoenix Among Men Chapter 551

After saying a few more words, Song Tie said goodbye, but when Song Tie walked back, the two of them, Su Yuqi and Gu Ling’er, all looked at Chen Ping with strange eyes!

“Why are you …… both of you looking at me like that?”

Chen Ping asked with some panic.

“Let me ask you, does that Song Tie like you? A big star who would come to deliver something specifically to you? She came to this tiny Hongcheng for a concert, I think it’s mostly for you too, right? A beautiful and talented woman, aren’t you very impressed?”

Su Yuqi’s eyes were sharp as she questioned at Chen Ping!

“Whether she likes me or not, I don’t know, but I will never like her, I said I am a very dedicated person, if you don’t believe me there is nothing I can do, I need to cultivate these days and don’t want anyone to disturb ………… ”

Chen Ping pretended to be angry and finished, turned around and went back to his bedroom.

Su Yuqi for a moment with froze, Chen Ping’s this move to reverse the guest, let Su Yuqi invoke taught.

“Ling’er, I …… am I going a bit too far?”

Su Yuqi wondered if she had gone too far, so she asked in a small voice to Gu Ling’er.

Gu Ling’er looked puzzled, “I don’t know, but looking at that Chen Ping, he might be really angry, the main thing for two people to date is trust, you don’t trust him like this, you might have made him sad ……”

“Then …… what should I do then?” Su Yuqi is a little panicked!

“Let’s wait and see, maybe it will be fine in a couple of days ……”

Gu Ling’er also has no experience, we can only wait and see!

Chen Ping, who had returned to his room, let out a long breath, if he didn’t use this method, he didn’t know how long Su Yuqi would have to question him!

After sitting on his knees, Chen Ping began to activate his Heart Condensation Technique to cultivate, there were still five days before the Song Tie concert, Chen Ping hoped that he would be able to break through to the Valley Breaking Stage in these five days.

If he could reach the incorruptibility stage, he would be able to stay away from fire and smoke for months, and his strength would also increase by a large margin.

Just when Chen Ping was cultivating, thousands of kilometres away from the sea, there was a bare stone island, this island is the nameless island, because in the past it was just a reef, but slowly the sea water sank, forming a stone island, there are no animals and plants on the island, there are just all kinds of stones, so no one comes here either!

But at this moment, on the beach by the island, a man wearing a bucket hat and holding a fishing rod in his hand was fishing!

And not far away, a girl was sweating like rain, practising her kung fu. If Chen Ping had seen this girl, he would have been able to recognise that this girl was Daoist Master Bu Xu’s daughter Xiao Ru!

When Daoist Master Bu Xu was killed by Daoist Exterminator, after Chen Ping had avenged Daoist Master Bu Xu’s death, he gave the Seven Star Disc to Xiao Ru and let her leave with Daoist Master Wu Wei!

A few months had pa*sed, and Xiao Ru had turned up on this deserted island, while the old man fishing did not look like Daoist Wu Wei!

“Xiao Ru, go catch some fish in the sea to cook, I am hungry ……”

The old man who was fishing said.

“Got it Master ……”

Xiao Ru nodded and leapt straight into the sea, her whole body disappearing!

Just after Xiao Ru jumped into the sea, a small boat came flying along, the boat had no power and only a middle-aged man stood on it, but the boat was as fast as if it had been fitted with a propeller!

Soon the boat stopped at the shore and the middle-aged man leapt up and landed next to the old man fishing!

“Steward Long, the news is all spread out ……”

The middle-aged man respectfully said to the angling old man.

“Mm!” The old man nodded and took off his bucket hat, revealing a wrinkled face that Chen Ping would definitely be surprised to see, because this old man was the same old dragon head that had taught him in prison!