Phoenix Among Men Chapter 552

“What day is it now?” Old Leader asked.

“The eighth day of June!” The middle-aged man replied!

“In that case, there is just over a month to go, so I hope that that boy Chen Ping’s cultivation grows quickly, preferably to reach the fifth level of Foundation Establishment!”

The old dragon leader said with hope in his eyes!

“Housekeeper Long, the young master’s cultivation time is short, plus this has only just pa*sed a few months, even if he is gifted, I’m afraid it’s a bit difficult!”

The middle-aged man shook his head and said.

“I know it’s hard, but there’s no way, he’s the only hope left, or else there’s no one to save the young miss ……”

A trace of helplessness flashed in the old dragon head’s eyes before looking at the calm sea, “That’s all I can do, the rest can only depend on fate!”

Clap …………

Just as the old leader finished speaking, the sea surged and Xiao Ru’s body instantly rushed out, still clutching two grouper in her hands!

“Master, we have grouper to eat today ……”

Xiao Ru shouted happily to the old leader!

After reaching the shore, Xiao Ru wasn’t surprised to see the middle-aged man, but politely shouted, “Uncle Long, you’re here ……”

The middle-aged man smiled faintly and nodded his head!

Soon Xiao Ru took the fish and left to cook, while the middle-aged man looked at Xiao Ru’s back and couldn’t help but sigh, “What a good kid, and also an ice crystal body, her future strength is unlimited ……”

“Ai!” The old dragon head also sighed: “I also have no choice, if it really comes to the time of necessity, can only sacrifice her, can not let the young master die, once the young master dies, the first lady will certainly not survive, then the whole dragon family will not be the former dragon family …… ”

“But I still hope that the Long housekeeper can follow this girl Xiao Ru to understand, I believe that Xiao Ru will know what’s right, after all, the young master is her life-saver ……”

The middle-aged man said with a somewhat lowered expression.

This time following Xiao Ru’s contact, this middle-aged man has already developed feelings, he does not want Xiao Ru to be kept in the dark and end up dying for no reason!

“Mm, I will talk to her!” The old dragon leader nodded, “After you spread the news out, what was the reaction of those people in the Dragon Family?”

“Of course they were shocked, they thought Missy’s child had died a long time ago, and now that they know it’s still alive, they’ve started sending people around to look for it!” The middle-aged man said.

“That’s good, with the strength of the Dragon Family, it shouldn’t take long to find the young master ……” The old dragon leader said with a smile!

“Steward Long, why are you in such a hurry to let the people of the Dragon Family know that the young master is still alive, can’t you wait until the young master has grown up for a few years and is high in strength?”

The middle-aged man asked with a puzzled look on his face.

“Because Young Miss can’t hold on for that long anymore, she has been imprisoned for over twenty years and has been tortured, if she is not given a little spiritual support, she won’t be able to hold on ……”

A tear slid down from the old leader’s foggy eyes!

The middle-aged man’s expression was also downcast as he turned to the old dragon head and said, “Housekeeper Long, back then, before the old family head died, what secret did the old family head tell Eldest Miss that caused these people in the Long Family to desperately want to know and keep Eldest Miss locked up for so many years ……”

“I don’t know either, but this secret should be very important to the Dragon Family, or else Eldest Miss wouldn’t have lived until now ……”

The old dragon leader shook his head!

Both men were silent, no one spoke anymore, but soon Xiao Ru’s voice came, “Master, Uncle Long, the meal is ready, you can come over to eat ……”

The old dragon head and the middle-aged man looked at each other and smiled, and the two walked towards Xiao Ru, and soon there was a burst of laughter and a burst of fragrance in front of a stone house!