Phoenix Among Men Chapter 569

Listening to the chatter of the crowd, Bai Xiushan looked awkwardly at Chen Ping and said, “Mr. Chen, I’m not afraid of throwing this 200 million, 200 million is nothing to my Bai family, it’s just that …………”

Bai Xiushan wanted to follow Chen Ping and explain that it wasn’t that he didn’t promise that Qin Xiaotian, it wasn’t that he was heartbroken about the 200 million dollars!

But before Bai Xiushan could finish, Chen Ping directly waved his hand to interrupt Bai Xiushan’s words, and then looked at that Qin Xiaotian who had a smug face and said, “Since you want to gamble, I can play with you, but two hundred million is a bit too little, it’s not exciting at all, why don’t we gamble a bit bigger, I have two billion here, just gamble on this money!”

Chen Ping took out a bank card and threw it on the table, looking coldly at Qin Xiaotian!

Seeing Chen Ping’s hand was two billion, everyone was stunned, to know that at Chen Ping’s age, it was really not easy to come up with two billion, even if he was the son of a wealthy family, at this age, who would give two billion in pocket money!

Qin Xiaotian faintly froze, then sneered, “Just throwing out a bank card and saying you have two billion, do you think two billion is waste paper?”

Qin Xiaotian did not believe that Chen Ping could come up with two billion, because he had long sent people to investigate Chen Ping, in a small place like Hongcheng, there was not such a magnificent family, not to mention that Chen Ping was only an ordinary family, how could he have two billion!

“Qin Xiaotian, if you don’t believe that Mr. Chen has two billion, then I, the Bai family, always have it, if this two billion Mr. Chen can’t get it, I, the Bai family, will get it!”

Bai Xiushan clenched his teeth and said to Qin Xiaotian!

Two billion, even if the Bai family was a powerful family in Kyoto, it was not a small amount, but in order to be able to befriend Chen Ping, Bai Xiushan was willing to pay this money!

“Good!” The corner of Qin Xiaotian’s mouth lifted, “Since your Elder Bai has asked for it, I certainly believe that your Bai family can come up with two billion, then we will bet two billion!”

After Qin Xiaotian finished speaking, his face was slightly heavy as he looked towards that Grandmaster He and said, “Grandmaster He, thank you, when we win that kid, I will give half of it to Grandmaster He ……”

The moment Master He heard this, he was filled with excitement, this half could be one billion, for him it was an astronomical figure!

“Don’t worry Boss Qin, I will do my best ……”

Master He nodded his head!

This is where everyone focused their attention on that Master He to see how exactly he could see the special features of this Eight Trigrams Plate and what method he used to activate the formation of this Eight Trigrams Plate!

On the other hand, that Zou Zhaolong followed Yuan Baozhong and looked at each other, and a flash of joy flashed across the eyes of both of them.

With a bet of two billion dollars, the price of this Eight Trigrams Plate could not be too low, no matter how you put it.

Seeing Grandmaster He holding the Eight Trigrams Plate and reciting the words under his breath, Bai Xiushan was a bit nervous and glanced at Chen Ping from time to time, only to find that Chen Ping was calm and didn’t even look at Grandmaster He, as if how Grandmaster He probed the Eight Trigrams Plate had nothing to do with him!

“Mr. Chen, have you already seen the use of that Eight Trigrams Plate?”

Bai Xiushan couldn’t help but ask when he saw that Chen Ping had a calm face and a confident look on his face.

Seeing Bai Xiushan ask this, that Qin Xiaotian and the others also looked at Chen Ping, wanting to know if Chen Ping really already knew the use of the Eight Trigrams Plate, otherwise how could he dare to bet two billion!

But who knew that Chen Ping shook his head, not saying a word!

Seeing Chen Ping shake his head, Qin Xiaotian laughed out loud, “Elder Bai, I’ve already said it, does he, a mere child, know what a magic weapon is? Has he ever seen a magic weapon? You still really take him for an onion ……”

When the others heard this, they also laughed out loud, their laughter full of sarcasm, which made Bai Xiushan’s face look ugly!