Phoenix Among Men Chapter 570

As the crowd spoke, they saw that Master He’s eyes, which had been slightly closed, suddenly opened and put the eight trigrams plate on the table, and with a slight click of his fingers, the eight trigrams plate, which was originally marked with mottled marks, seemed to have been painted over, and became brand new all of a sudden, and could even reflect a human figure.

When the crowd saw this, they all exclaimed in amazement, and that Qin Xiaotian was even more astonished, “Master He is no less a master of the arts who has been cultivating for decades, and the moment he strikes, he is different ……”

The whole room was enveloped by this red light, and everyone felt like a spring breeze, their bodies were so smooth!

But soon, the red light slowly faded and the room was calm again, the eight trigrams still looked the same, with traces of age all over it!

“Master He, is it possible that you already know the wonderful use of this Eight Trigrams Plate?”

Qin Xiaotian asked with an excited look on his face.

Grandmaster He nodded, “This Eight Trigrams Plate is really no ordinary object, it contains the right laws of the Great Dao, if my guess is right, this is definitely left behind by the immortals of the past!”

Upon hearing Master He’s words, everyone’s eyes revealed greed, even that Bai Xiushan couldn’t help but stare at the Eight Trigrams Plate, wanting to keep it for himself.

Looking at the crowd’s performance, Zou Zhaolong was smiling, if he called for bids now, this Eight Trigrams Plate would definitely fetch a good price!

“Kid, it’s your turn, shouldn’t you also take a look at the origin of this Eight Trigrams Plate, and then let Master Yuan from China Harbour decide on it, and see which one of us is right?”

Qin Xiaotian asked as he looked towards Chen Ping.

Everyone looked at Chen Ping, wanting to know what method Chen Ping used to activate the spell formation of this Eight Trigrams Plate!

But who knew that Chen Ping didn’t even hold the eight trigrams plate for a moment and spoke indifferently, “A piece of rotten wood, what’s its origin, a bunch of masters, yet they are gloating with a piece of rotten wood, I really don’t know how you have been practicing all these years!”

Chen Ping’s words made all the eye masters in the room furious, although many of them did not see the function of this eight trigrams plate, but since Zou Zhaolong dared to bring it out as a treasure, there must be something special, and there was Yuan Baozhong sitting next to it, all of them thought that this eight trigrams plate was a treasure.

This is a preconceived notion, plus the fact that Zou Zhaolong had rendered it in advance, which made these eye masters think that this Eight Trigrams Plate was a treasure, and the reason why they couldn’t see it was because they were too weak!

It was like the emperor’s new clothes, although everyone could not see the special features, no one dared to say it, to say it would be their own strength!

And now Chen Ping directly picked out that it was just a piece of rotten wood, which made these eye masters sit up and feel insulted and provoked.

Especially Zou Zhaolong and Yuan Baozhong, although the two of them also knew that this eight trigrams plate was just a piece of rotten wood, but for Chen Ping to say it in public, it was bad for them!

“What does this little brother mean? This Eight Trigrams Plate of mine was purchased with a heavy price, and Master Yuan has also seen it, it does contain formations, it is an incomparable magic weapon, how dare you say it is a piece of rotten wood, if you don’t make your words clear today, don’t blame me for being ungracious ……”

Zou Zhaolong said with a grim face!

“Right, Master He has just activated the spell formation, and you still go so far as to say that this eight trigrams plate is a piece of rotten wood, I think it’s because you yourself are simply clueless and can’t discover the special features of this eight trigrams plate, right?”

Qin Xiaotian also took the opportunity to sneer at Chen Ping!

“Whether it’s rotten wood or not, I believe they know better than me, there are some things I think it’s better not to state ……”

Chen Ping indifferently swept a glance at that Master He and also Zou Zhaolong, the two people touched Chen Ping’s eyes, surprisingly, they both involuntarily dodged a bit!