Phoenix Among Men Chapter 571

Of course, Zou Zhaolong knew that this Eight Trigrams Plate was just a piece of rotten wood carved, and although that Master He did not understand it, the so-called activation of the spell formation just now was just that Master He using his own means to make the crowd mistakenly believe that it was the spell formation of the Eight Trigrams Plate that was activated.

“This young friend, are you not even believing in the eyes of the old man?”

Yuan Baozhong, who had not spoken up, spoke up.

As the number one spell master in Central Hong Kong, Yuan Baozhong’s words certainly carried a lot of weight, and even that Master He treated him with respect!

“I only believe in my own eyes!”

Chen Ping smiled coldly!

“Well then, today I will convince you and show you whether this eight trigrams plate is rotten wood or not ……”

Master Yuan said, picked up the eight trigrams plate, followed by one hand choking the spell, at this time the crowd looked at that eight trigrams plate suddenly appeared a vision, only to see the eight trigrams plate above mapped out an eight trigrams array, eight trigrams array flashing golden light, in continuous rotation!

“Duh ……”

Master Yuan shouted explosively, only to see that the eight trigrams array suddenly exploded, followed by countless rays of light that actually formed a talisman!

The dazzling golden light shone so brightly that one’s eyes could not even open a little, and the whole room seemed like a fairyland inside!

But soon, the golden light disappeared and the Eight Trigrams reverted to its original form!

But at that moment, all the people were breathing heavily, staring at the Eight Trigrams Plate, their eyes were about to glare out, and there was disbelief in everyone’s eyes!

“Grandmaster Yuan is no less than the number one master of arts in China and Hong Kong, we are ashamed, ashamed of ourselves ……”

Master He said with envy and reverence in his eyes.

“These magic weapons are really good, if not for Master Yuan, such good things would have been buried by us!”

“I’ve never seen such a powerful magic weapon before!”

“I’ve seen it today, I’ll buy it even if I have to pour my family’s money into it ……”

The first time, everyone was talking, and they were all ready to make a move, no matter how much it cost, they would get their hands on this eight trigrams plate!

The company has already called home to prepare more funds, because he knows that the competition will be very fierce!

The people, seeing this, have also called to raise money, it seems that the competition will be very cruel!

Zou Zhaolong and Yuan Baozhong looked at each other and smiled, inwardly they were already happy!

“Little friend still say that this eight trigrams plate is just a piece of rotten wood?”

Yuan Baozhong asked as he looked at Chen Ping with a mocking expression!

As soon as Yuan Baozhong asked, everyone looked at Chen Ping, each with a disdainful face!

“A hairy kid, what the hell does he know? Only the Bai family is blind and takes it as a guest of honour!”

“In front of so many masters, he dares to show off his skills and provoke Grandmaster Yuan, he is really a newborn calf and not afraid of tigers!”

“If I were Grandmaster Yuan, I would have slapped him to death long ago!”

“I really don’t know where this guy came from, I’ve never even heard of him, and he dares to come to the capital to make a fool of himself!”

Everyone mocked, even the Bai family was implicated, which made Bai Xiushan’s face look very ugly!

On the contrary, Chen Ping had a bemused look on his face!

“Kid, Master Yuan is asking you something, why are you mute? If you meekly admit defeat and hand over two billion now, we won’t bother with you ……”

Qin Xiaotian looked at Chen Ping with a cold smile on his face and said!

“A rotten piece of wood is a rotten piece of wood, even with the highest techniques it’s useless, it won’t change the fact that it’s just a rotten piece of wood at all ……”

Chen Ping said indifferently.

Seeing that Chen Ping still dared to say so, everyone was stunned, even that Bai Xiushan was also shocked and hurriedly whispered, “Mr. Chen, don’t say anymore ……”

Although Bai Xiushan knew that Chen Ping was a cultivator, he had not seen Chen Ping’s ability with his own eyes, but the ability that this Grandmaster Yuan had just demonstrated, what difference did that make following immortal magic, he did not think that Chen Ping’s ability could be higher than that Grandmaster Yuan!