Phoenix Among Men Chapter 574

But Chen Ping had actually punched in the flame formation in a tiny coin in a flash, and it looked very easy, just this, Yuan Baozhong thought he would not be able to do it!

Zou Zhaolong seemed to have noticed that Yuan Baozhong’s expression was a little off, so he whispered in Yuan Baozhong’s ear, “Master Yuan, what’s wrong with you?”

“This kid is highly skilled in magic, we have underestimated him ……”

Yuan Baozhong’s eyes were slightly glued and his face was very grave!

“What?” Zou Zhaolong’s pupils dilated violently as he looked at Chen Ping incredulously!

For such a young man to be able to be spoken to like this by Yuan Baozhong, it was evident that he was indeed of extraordinary strength!

“Then what do we do?” Zou Zhaolong asked.

“We can’t let him look at the Eight Trigrams Plate, find a way to get the item out quickly and get out of here ……”

Yuan Baozhong said cautiously.

“Good!” Zou Zhaolong nodded his head!

At this moment, Chen Ping did not care about the mockery of the crowd, but picked up the coin and gently rubbed it twice in his hand, and after the flame went out, he put the coin inside his coat pocket again!

“Master Yuan, bring the eight trigrams plate, I’ll show you if it’s a piece of rotten wood or not ……”

Chen Ping looked at Yuan Baozhong and said with a faint smile.

But who knows Yuan Baozhong picked up the gossip plate and said, “This matter ends here today, as for whether this gossip plate is a magic weapon or a piece of rotten wood, I don’t want to argue anymore, you all know that magic weapons have a life span, without activating the formation once, it will consume part of the energy in the magic weapon, I don’t want to consume the energy in the gossip plate for some unnecessary arguments! ”

“And if it’s fiddled with by some people who don’t understand, if it gets broken or burned by fire, it’s a loss for everyone, after all, this kind of high level magic weapon is not common, so as for any bet, I don’t want to ask too much, the thing is here, believe it or not, it’s up to you to decide!”

As Yuan Baozhong said that, he actually put that Eight Trigrams Plate back away, not even letting him take a look at it anymore!

At this moment, everyone was a bit surprised, just now that Master Yuan was still aggressive, how come he suddenly didn’t allow to look at it?

Could it be that what Chen Ping said was true, that this Eight Trigrams Plate was just a piece of rotten wood?

“Master Yuan is also right, the energy of this magic weapon is not inexhaustible, if it is broken by some people who don’t know how to use it, it will be troublesome, anyway, this eight trigrams plate I Qin family will take it ……”

Qin Xiaotian said.

Qin Xiaotian said so, the crowd has also reflected, but emotions are not so high, are afraid to spend a lot of money in buying a fake.

“Gentlemen, just now this little friend has a good point, that is, anything, before being injected into the spell formation, is an ordinary thing, this eight trigrams plate if there is no eight trigrams formation inside, it is just a piece of rotten wood, now this eight trigrams plate has eight trigrams formation inside, I will also inject some feng shui formation inside, to ensure that it can make people who bathe in this formation all year round to prolong their lives, and also to enhance the family’s fortune ……”

Yuan Baozhong saw that the crowd was not in a very high mood, so he spoke again!

Even if it was really a piece of rotten wood, but Yuan Baozhong said he was going to inject a Feng Shui formation into it, it was still priceless!

Seeing the crowd’s renewed excitement, Zou Zhaolong and Yuan Baozhong glanced at each other, their hearts incomparably smug!

“Boss Zou, this item is yours, so hurry up and make a reserve bid!”

Qin Xiaotian asked impatiently.

Seeing how impatient Qin Xiaotian was, Chen Ping, who originally wanted to follow that Yuan Baozhong and argue a few words, directly shut his mouth with a slight sneer on his face, since this group of people all wanted to be cheated, why should he care about that!

“Good, since everyone has seen the power of this Eight Trigrams Plate, and since Master Yuan has just said so, then I will say a reserve price, the bidding will start at a minimum of 100 million, each increase will be a minimum of 10 million, the highest bidder will win ……”

Zou Zhaolong said as he held out a finger.