Phoenix Among Men Chapter 575

“I’ll offer 200 million …………”

Just as Zou Zhaolong’s words finished, Qin Xiaotian couldn’t wait to double the price!

As soon as Qin Xiaotian’s words left his mouth, someone immediately followed suit and called for a bid!

“I bid two hundred and ten million dollars!”

“I bid two hundred and fifty million!”

“I bid two hundred and eighty million!”

“Three hundred million!”

In a short time, the price climbed to 300 million, and it was still going up.

Looking at these people’s desperate bidding, the corners of Chen Ping’s mouth lifted slightly and he actually leaned on the seat, slightly closed his eyes and took a rest!

Bai Xiushan looked at Chen Ping, inwardly anxious, this kind of magic weapon is rare, besides, Yuan Baozhong also swore that he could set up a feng shui formation, which could make the family’s qi prosperous, this is too tempting!

But if Chen Ping didn’t give the word, Bai Xiushan really didn’t dare to call for a price, and now that he saw Chen Ping with his eyes slightly closed, resting his strength, Bai Xiushan was as anxious as an ant on a hot pot!

The price was still going up, and these people were all red-faced, desperately trying to raise the price, and calling their families to raise money, all looking like they wanted to fight!

This made Zou Zhaolong and Yuan Baozhong look at each other with joy in their hearts, it looked like there were really a lot of rich people in the inland.

“I bid three billion, today my Qin family is determined to win ……”

Qin Xiaotian raised the price by one billion at once, knowing that a little increase would only cause the crowd to go crazy and raise the price!

Sure enough, as Qin Xiaotian’s words fell, the scene instantly fell silent!

Although these people were not short of money, but to raise the price by one billion at once, this kind of boldness still made everyone astonished!

Seeing that the crowd had all quietened down, Zou Zhaolong swept the crowd, “Everyone, are there any more bids, if there are none, then this Eight Trigrams Plate will be Boss Qin’s!”

Zou Zhaolong deliberately slowed down his speech, hoping that someone would not be able to resist adding a wave, although 3 billion had already exceeded his expectations, but who cares about more money, who can sell a little more!

“Gentlemen, today my Qin family will do you all a favor, when my elder brother comes out of customs, I will definitely invite you all to a gathering, and please let my Qin family have this eight trigrams plate ……”

The first thing I did was to ask for a new one, and I was afraid that someone would suddenly raise the price, so I arched my hand and said!

It was obvious that Qin Xiaotian had brought out his big brother, which was a small threat to the crowd!

After all, Qin Xiaotian’s elder brother had been in seclusion for the past few years, and no one knew how far his strength had reached, so no one was willing to follow the Qin family against them!

“Since Boss Qin has said so, then I won’t argue ……”

“I won’t argue either, it’s just one magic weapon, I’m sure Boss Zou will be able to find more powerful magic weapons later ……”

“Boss Qin, we all sell you face, you can’t forget this favor ……”

The crowd spoke up one after another and said.

“Don’t worry, I will definitely talk to my big brother about today’s matter, you all give face to my Qin family, one day when you have something to do, my Qin family will definitely help ……”

The first thing you need to do is to get up and bow towards everyone!

After all, the people sitting here are all bigwigs of various families in Kyoto, so Qin Xiaotian doesn’t dare to be too arrogant!

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re getting.

“Since everyone is not fighting for it, then this eight trigrams plate will be Boss Qin’s, but I’ll say it up front, I don’t take credit here, you have to pay into my account!”

Zou Zhaolong said to Qin Xiaotian!