Phoenix Among Men Chapter 576

“Don’t worry, Boss Zou, I’ll arrange for someone to transfer the money immediately ……”

Qin Xiaotian said with a smug look on his face!

“Wait a minute ……”

Just as Qin Xiaotian was about to transfer the money, Bai Xiushan suddenly stood up!

He couldn’t just stand by and watch the Qin family buy the magic weapon away, then the gap between the Bai family and the Qin family might get bigger and bigger, although the Bai family had Chen Ping, an immortal cultivator behind them, but Chen Ping was too young after all, who knew how long it would take for him to achieve great success in his kung fu!

“What can I do for you, Boss Bai?”

Zou Zhaolong’s eyes lit up when he saw Bai Xiushan stand up.

“I’ll take this Eight Trigrams Plate, I’ll pay three and a half billion!”

Bai Xiushan said directly to Zou Zhaolong!

At this moment, Bai Xiushan didn’t dare Chen Ping to disagree, he had to get his hands on the Eight Trigrams Plate!

Zou Zhaolong smiled and looked at Qin Xiaotian: “Boss Qin, you see that Boss Bai has bid, do you still want to increase the price?”

Qin Xiaotian’s face was ugly as he stared at Bai Xiushan with a deadly stare!

“I bid 3.2 billion!”

Qin Xiaotian gritted his teeth and shouted directly!

“Three billion three hundred million!”

Before Qin Xiaotian’s words had even fallen, Bai Xiushan directly raised the price again!

Seeing that Bai Xiushan was following Qin Xiaotian’s lead, Zou Zhaolong’s face burst into laughter, he would be able to make some more money this time!

No matter how far the Bai family fought with the Qin family, they would still benefit anyway!

There are only so many resources in Kyoto, and one more powerful family is one more competition, so if these two families can break the net, it will be an opportunity for the other powerful families!

“Elder Bai, are you trying to get into a fight with my Qin family?”

Qin Xiaotian gritted his teeth, his eyes red as he asked.

“Qin Xiaotian, the highest bidder will win, how can I say that I am bargaining with your Qin family? If your Qin family can’t afford the price, then let me have the Eight Trigrams Plate ……”

Bai Xiushan said with a faint smile!

“You don’t think so ……”

Qin Xiaotian gritted his teeth, “I’ll offer four billion!”

“Five billion ……”

Bai Xiushan said unhurriedly, as if five billion was a piece of cake for the Bai family!

In fact, even though they were a gigantic family in Kyoto, it wasn’t easy to come up with five billion at once, after all, they weren’t allowed to take credit, they had to gather five billion in a very short period of time, I believe there weren’t many families who could do it!

“It seems that the Bai family is really deep and hidden, five billion is such an understatement!”

“I’ve heard that the Bai family is making a lot of money in medicine!”

“Hey, it looks like those of us will have to work hard or we’ll really be left behind by the Bai family!”


The wealthy people in the room were all talking, to be able to take out 5 billion in one go, that’s really powerful!

The corners of Qin Xiaotian’s eyes twitched twice, he didn’t expect this Bai Xiushan to be so ruthless, adding up to five billion in one go!

Although the Qin family could also scrape together five billion, but with such a huge amount, Qin Xiaotian was a bit afraid to make the decision, after all, the current position of the family head was still his elder brother, he was just acting as a substitute!

“Boss Qin, if you don’t increase it, then I’ll have to hand over the Eight Trigrams Plate to Boss Bai!”

Zou Zhaolong saw Qin Xiaotian’s ugly face and didn’t say anything, so he asked!

“I’ll add it!” Qin Xiaotian’s face turned red as he gritted his teeth to death, “I’ll pay six billion!”

As Qin Xiaotian’s words fell, Bai Xiushan’s originally calm face instantly turned ugly as well!

Five billion was actually the limit for him, and the reason why he had just acted so relaxed was to make Qin Xiaotian think that the Bai family still had strength and did not dare to raise the price, but who knew that Qin Xiaotian would raise the price by another one billion!

If Bai Xiushan were to raise his bid, it would be very difficult to come up with this much money in a short period of time, knowing that Zou Zhaolong would not allow credit!

Seeing Bai Xiushan’s embarra*sed look, Qin Xiaotian laughed: “I thought your Bai family was so powerful, but it turns out that you’re just pretending, if you have the guts, you can raise it again!”