Phoenix Among Men Chapter 587

“Wait a minute ……”

Just as Chen Ping was about to walk out after Zhao Wuji, Chang Wanjun called them to a halt!

“Leader?” Zhao Wuji turned back to look at Chang Wanjun.

“You can stay ……”

Chang Wanjun told Chen Ping to follow Zhao Wouji and stay, so he could not go out!

Because of Chen Ping’s attitude, Chang Wanjun decided to let them stay!

Although Chen Ping was not old, he was broad-minded, just now Zou Zhaolong and Yuan Baozhong mocked him like that, Chen Ping did not say a word, even when Chang Wanjun kicked them out, Chen Ping did not get angry, instead he left word that they could look for him if they encountered trouble, this made Chang Wanjun look at Chen Ping somewhat impressed!

“Leader Chang, what is this?”

Yuan Baozhong saw that Chang Yuanjun had actually left Chen Ping behind again, and said with a slight frown!

“Master Yuan, I still have to rely on Master Yuan for my son’s illness, as for this young man, consider Master Yuan to give them youngsters a chance to observe, so that they can also know what a real master is ……”

Chang Wanjun said to Yuan Baozhong!

If it wasn’t for the fact that he was counting on Yuan Baozhong to see his son, Chang Yuanjun wouldn’t have followed him to explain anything, after all, he didn’t have to follow Yuan Baozhong to explain anything, he could let whoever he wanted stay!

Yuan Baozhong saw this and couldn’t say anything, he couldn’t just not give Chang Wanjun face!

“Since the leader said so, then let this kid Chen Ping see the eyes and see what can be called medical skills ……”

Yuan Baozhong looked at Chen Ping and said with a sneer!

“Master Yuan, please put inside ……”

Chang Wanjun invited Yuan Baozhong into the bedroom!

Chen Ping and the others followed him inside, just inside the bedroom, they could smell the strong smell of medicine, the whole room was filled with medicine and there was a respirator running!

On the bed, a young man who looked like he was only about twenty was lying on it, his face was ashen, his eyes were tightly closed, his cheeks were sunken in, his bones were as thin as wood, a tube was inserted into his mouth, the tube was connected to a ventilator, and he was relying on the ventilator to keep him alive!

This man was Chang Yuan, the son of Chang Yuan Jun, who had just started his second year of university and had taken a direct break from school because of this sudden situation.

There were no wounds on Chang Yuan’s body, only thick gauze wrapped around the five fingers of his right hand, and the gauze had turned red, obviously caused by blood soaking through!

Seeing that the gauze had turned red, Chang Yanjun’s face instantly became extremely ugly before he roared, “Xiao Zhu, Xiao Zhu …………”

With Chang Yuan Jun’s roar, inside a small room on the other side of the bedroom, a girl hurriedly ran out, the girl’s eyes were somewhat black and she was yawning, obviously having not had a good night’s sleep for a long time!

“Leader …………”

The girl’s eyes were terrified as she looked at Chang Aidun, her body trembling slightly!

“What’s wrong with you? Can’t you see that the gauze on the Duke’s hand is soaked with blood? Why don’t you change the gauze?”

Chang Wanjun questioned loudly!

“Leader, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I was too sleepy, I just closed my eyes, I didn’t expect the gauze on Gongzi’s hand to be soaked through with blood so quickly!”

After the girl finished speaking, she hurriedly went to get the gauze, soaked it in the sterilized water and immediately started to change the gauze on Chang Yuan’s hand.

When the girl opened the gauze on Chang Yuan’s finger, a burst of putrid smell came, the smell was particularly unpleasant, several people present all frowned, and that Zou Zhaolong could not help it, directly dry vomited!

Later, under the eyes of Chang Yuanjun, Zou Zhaolong desperately tried to hold it back, but looking at Chang Yuanjun’s look, he didn’t seem to have any reaction, he should have been used to it!

Just as the girl removed the gauze and was about to change it again for Chang Yuan, Yuan Baozhong suddenly spoke, “Wait a minute ……”

The girl froze and looked at Chang Yuan Jun.