Phoenix Among Men Chapter 595

“Yuan’er, Yuan’er …………”

Chang Yuan Jun saw that Chen Ping was grabbing his own son, so he hurriedly shouted twice!

And when Chen Ping looked at the captured Chang Yuan, he was about to slap a palm towards Chang Yuan’s head!

But at that moment, Chang Yuan, who was originally full of fierce face and red eyes, returned to normal and looked at Chen Ping as if he was a normal person, with fear in his eyes!

“Dad, save me …………”

Chang Yuan suddenly shouted at Chang Yuan Yuan Jun!

Seeing that Chang Yuan had recovered, and that Chen Ping had not let go and was about to slap his palm towards Chang Yuan’s head, Chang Yuan’s heart was suddenly racing, “Stop it, stop it ……”

Chang Yuan Jun said, ruthlessly hit Chen Ping’s body, directly knocked Chen Ping away, and then hugged Chang Yuan tightly: “Son, son, you are finally well, finally well ……”

“Dad, what the hell is going on here? I’m scared, I’m scared ……”

Chang Yuan trembled his body.

“It’s alright, it’s alright, don’t be afraid, with dad here, no one can hurt you ……”

Chang Yuanjun excitedly looked at Chang Yuan, old tears!

And at this time, Chen Ping, looking at Chang Yuan, who had recovered as before, with a strong killing intent still in his eyes, his eyebrows also followed.

“Leader Chang, your son has not recovered, now he is not your son yet, he has become a puppet, only by killing the puppet worms in his body ……”

Chen Ping said to Chang Yuanjun!

Chang Yuanjun froze, and then looked carefully at his son again!

“Dad, I’m your son, I’m not some puppet, I don’t want to die, don’t let them kill me ……”

Chang Yuan pretended to look fearful and held onto Chang Yuan Jun’s hand for dear life!

Seeing Chang Yuan’s look, Chang Yuan Jun hurriedly comforted him, “Don’t worry, it won’t happen, I won’t let you guys touch you ……”

After saying that, Chang Yuan Jun looked at Chen Ping and said, “My son is well now, where is the puppet, don’t you be talking nonsense ……”

“If you don’t get rid of this puppet worm, your son will die sooner or later ……”

Chen Ping finished speaking, and with a snap of his fingers, he tried to head towards that Chang Yuan!

“How dare you ……”

When Chang Yuan Jun saw that Chen Ping even wanted to make a move against his own son, his face instantly became furious and his aura rose abruptly as he slapped out a palm towards Chen Ping.

The palm of the palm was extremely powerful with the sound of breaking air!

Chen Ping was not afraid of Chang Wanjun’s palm, but he did not want to follow Chang Wanjun into battle, so he could only retreat his body and dodge the palm!

“Mr. Chen, what is going on here?”

Zhao Wuji hurriedly asked to Chen Ping.

It clearly looked like Chang Yuan had gotten better, so why did Chen Ping have to say that Chang Yuan hadn’t gotten better and was still being controlled by some puppet bug!

Chen Ping did not follow Zhao Wuji’s explanation, but could see that Chang Yuan Jun continued, “Your son is only being manipulated physically now, don’t put be fooled, or you will be in big trouble ……”

Chen Ping knew that someone had given Chang Yuan a puppet worm, it must be because of Chang Yuan’s identity, to know that this puppet worm was different from a compulsion worm, it was much more precious than a compulsion worm, no one would easily use a puppet worm to control an ordinary person.

And now that Chang Yuan has been given the puppet worm, it must be because they want to control Chang Yuan through Chang Yuan, and as the leader of Department Six, if Chang Yuan is used by someone with a good intention, it will be a terrible consequence!

“You don’t need to be alarmist here, my son I can hardly see it myself?” Chang Yuanjun didn’t believe Chen Ping’s words at all, after he finished, he looked at Yuan Baozhong and said, “Master Yuan, come and help me see if my son is alright?”

Seeing this, Yuan Baozhong hurriedly nodded and walked forward, and with a flick of one hand, a burst of red light enveloped Chang Yuan, and after a few moments those red lights disappeared, and Chang Yuan was as usual!