Phoenix Among Men Chapter 596

“Leader, your son is already fine and is not some puppet being manipulated, the light I used just now was holy light, if it was really a puppet, it would not have been possible to be as calm as usual under the holy light, don’t listen to that Chen Ping’s nonsense.”

Yuan Baozhong said to Chang Yuanjun.

“I think that Chen Ping just didn’t have the chance to show himself, that’s why he made up the matter of being puppeted, now that Duke Chang is fine, it’s obvious that Master Yuan just took the credit, and this Chen Ping is not convinced in his heart, it looks like he wants to seize the credit ……”

Zou Zhaolong, who was at the side, coldly snorted and said.

Hearing Zou Zhaolong’s words, Chang Yuanjun also definitely had some sense, just now he asked Chen Ping to make a move, but Chen Ping hadn’t even made a move yet, his own son got better and didn’t give Chen Ping a chance to perform at all!

It should be that Chen Ping was somewhat unconvinced and wanted to show off in front of himself, so he made up another story about his son being a puppet so that he could make a move, and when his son was cured, it would be Chen Ping’s fault!

“Humph, at such a young age, instead of studying hard, you’ve actually learned to grab the credit, my son is fine now, and you still want to strike at him, if you dare to do it again, believe it or not, I’ll make you unable to walk out of here?”

Chang Yuanjun looked at Chen Ping with killing intent flashing in his eyes!

Seeing that look in Chang Wanjun’s eyes, Zhao Wuji was afraid and pulled Chen Ping’s sleeve at the side, “Mr. Chen, forget about it …… we’d better think about it in the long run!”

“I have to get rid of this puppet worm today, otherwise they won’t be the only ones to suffer ……”

Chen Ping was unmoved, he had already decided to get rid of the puppet worm, or else there was no telling what would happen behind him, it might be a disaster for the living soul!

“Mr. Chen, didn’t that Yuan Baozhong just try it with holy light, Chang Yuan is already fine ……”

Zhao Wuji didn’t understand why Chen Ping was so stubborn!

“Hmph, that’s his fart of holy light, it’s just a lie to you guys, just now they were all scared out by the puppet worms, wouldn’t that Yuan Baozhong know that, he said that in order to keep me from taking the credit!”

Chen Ping had already seen that Yuan Baozhong was talking nonsense, he had just seen the puppet worms with his own eyes, how could he not know that Chang Yuan was now controlled by the puppet worms!

“Cut the nonsense, I think you want to take the credit for it, right?” Zou Zhaolong said with a disdainful expression.

“No matter if my son is a puppet or not, I will not be letting you touch him in the slightest ……”

Chang Yuan Jun had a firm face and was tightly shielding Chang Yuan’s body!

“In that case, then don’t blame me for being ungracious ……”

Chen Ping finished, and with a wave of his palms in front of him, a red light began to fill the entire hall!

“I’ll show you what true holy light is ……”

Chen Ping’s words fell, and immediately afterwards the hall was filled with red light, and everyone felt like they were in flames!

“Ah …………”

Chang Yuan suddenly screamed out in pain under this red light!

Seeing this, Chang Yuan’s eyes glared and his body quickly moved towards Chen Ping, his aura rising to its peak!

But Chen Ping completely ignored Chang’s aid army, with Chang’s current strength, there was no way to hurt him!

As a matter of fact, when he reached Chen Ping, he slapped out his palm, and then a strong force rebounded from it, causing Chang’s body to stomp back several steps!

Chang Yanjun looked at Chen Ping with some incredulity, except that the anger on his face was getting thicker and thicker.

“Zhao Wuji, still not stepping in to stop him, do you want to be removed from your position?”

Chang Yanjun yelled at Zhao Wuji, who was still frozen at the side.

When Zhao Wuji heard this, he was as anxious as an ant on a hot pot, and looked at Chen Ping with a pleading face, “Mr. Chen, you’d better stop ……”

“Pavilion Master Zhao, if you trust me, just watch from the sidelines, if not, just make your move ……”

Chen Ping was determined to destroy this puppet worm!