Phoenix Among Men Chapter 597

When Zhao Wuji saw that Chen Ping was determined, there was nothing he could do, he wouldn’t make a move against Chen Ping, besides he knew that he was no match for Chen Ping!

“Zhao Wouji, if you still don’t make a move, I’ll remove you from your post ……”

Seeing that Zhao Wuji still didn’t make a move, Chang Yuanjun roared!

“Leader, Mr. Chen must have a reason for doing this, please trust him.”

Zhao Wuji persuaded at Chang Wanjun.

“Bullsh*t, my son is getting screwed by him.” Chang Wanjun looked at his son screaming in pain, so he turned to Yuan Baozhong and said, “Master Yuan, step in and stop him, as long as you can stop him, I will grant you any request!”

Chang Yuan’s words made Yuan Baozhong’s heart rejoice and he immediately nodded, “Leader, I’ll do it, but you know that in an art fight, it’s either death or injury, so if I miss and kill that Chen Ping, you can’t hold me responsible!”

Yuan Baozhong happened to want to take the opportunity to take revenge on Chen Ping by striking out and killing him!

“No, it won’t.” Chang Yuan Jun hurriedly said.

At this moment, Chang Yuan already had a grimace on his face and was rolling on the ground with his hands clutching his head, and it was obvious that he was in great pain.

“In that case, then I will strike.”

Yuan Baozhong said, his body suddenly stirred, followed by a palm swing, the wind of his palm transformed into an immense palm towards Chen Ping, and the red light that shone on Chang Yuan’s body was also blocked by this huge palm, making Chang Yuan feel better.

“Dad, save me, save me, I don’t want to die ……”

Chang Yuan was clinging to Chang Yuan’s thighs for dear life, his eyes filled with panic.

“Son, don’t worry, no one can kill you, I’ve asked Master Yuan to do it, don’t worry.”

Chang Wanjun squatted down and hugged Chang Yuan tightly to comfort him.

“Mr. Chen ……”

Zhao Wuji saw that Yuan Baozhong had already made his move, and the moment he struck was such a shocking move, he hurriedly wanted to go up to help Chen Ping.

“Zhao Wuji, if you dare to help that Chen Ping, I will not only remove you from your post, but also give you a punishment.”

Chang Yuanjun looked at Zhao Wuji angrily.

Zhao Wouji was staring at the spot, like an ant on a hot pot, in a dilemma.

“Zhao Pavilion Master, you just watch, a mere little magician, can’t help me yet ……”

Chen Ping said with a slightly raised corner of his mouth and a disdainful face.

“Kid, you won’t be so wild later.”

Yuan Baozhong said, chanting the words under his breath, the originally huge palm suddenly sprouted a roaring flame, the heat wave instantly swept through the entire hall, everyone could feel the scorching heat of the heat wave, one by one, they looked incredulously.

Zou Zhaolong, however, had a fierce smile on his face at this moment, Chen Ping had ruined his good deed, so he deserved to die, and now he wanted to see Chen Ping die with his own eyes.

But in the very next moment, everyone was stunned.

The flaming palm of Yuan Baozhong’s hand was hanging above Chen Ping’s head, and there was no way for it to advance towards Chen Ping.

At this moment, Chen Ping’s whole body was enveloped in red light, as if he was a heavenly deity descending from the earth, and the huge palm, under this red light, unexpectedly began to slowly become smaller, and the flames gradually went out.

“How is this possible?” Yuan Baozhong’s eyes were wide open with a look of horror.

This was his most powerful killing move, Yuan Baozhong had intended to kill Chen Ping as soon as he struck, so he did not hold back at all, but he did not expect that his killing move would not hurt Chen Ping in the slightest.

“What else do you have, feel free to use it!”

Chen Ping gently blew out a breath, and the palm that the fist wind had coalesced with, dissipated in smoke under this blow.

Yuan Baozhong looked at Chen Ping, his whole body sweat hair exploded and his whole body froze.

“What the hell are you ……? What exactly is the magic technique you used? Who is your master?”

Yuan Baozhong asked Chen Ping several questions in one breath.