Phoenix Among Men Chapter 598

The red light on Chen Ping’s body just now gave him a very powerful momentum that made people want to worship him.

Just now, the red light on Chen Ping’s body gave people a very powerful momentum, making people want to worship when they saw it. If Yuan Baozhong had not fixed his mind, he would have knelt down for Chen Ping just now.

“You are talking a bit too much, if you have no other skills, then get lost.”

Chen Ping did not reply to Yuan Baozhong’s words, and there was no need for him to follow Yuan Baozhong’s words.

Although Yuan Baozhong’s face was full of anger, he no longer dared to follow Chen Ping and could only dodge to the side.

When Chang Wanjun saw that a person of high skill like Yuan Baozhong was scared to make a move by Chen Ping in just one round, he then sucked in a breath of cold air and looked at Chen Ping incredulously.

“Leader Chang, I have said that your son is now a puppet, the words he said were all made by the person behind the scenes who was controlling him to say so, you cannot believe that, now that I have destroyed that puppet worm, your son can still be saved, if I am a little later, even if the puppet worm is destroyed, your son will not survive.”

Chen Ping said as he looked at Chang Yuan Jun.

Chang Wanjun hugged Chang Yuan, there was hesitation in his heart, he didn’t know if he should believe Chen Ping’s words.

“Leader, Mr. Chen will never harm Chang Gongzi, please believe him.”

Zhao Wuji also persuaded Chang Yanjun at this moment.

Chang Yanjun was moved and one hand slowly prepared to let go of Chang Yuan.

“Dad, you can’t trust them, I’m your son, I’m not some puppet, I’m your son, look at me ……”

Seeing this, Chang Yuan clung to Chang Yuan Jun for dear life and did not let go, crying out loudly.

When Chang Yuan looked at Chang Yuan like that, he couldn’t bear to let Chen Ping do it.

Chen Ping knew he could only force his hand, Chang Yuan Jun was already confused by that Chang Yuan at this moment.

“Little Miao people, dare to hit the leader, D*mn you ……”

After Chen Ping finished speaking, he reached out and grabbed towards that Chang Yuan.

The first thing he did was to try to stop him, but it was too late, Chen Ping was too fast, and in the blink of an eye, Chang Yuan was in Chen Ping’s hands.

“Dad, save me, save me ……”

Chang Yuan struggled desperately.

But at this moment, Chen Ping didn’t give Chang Yuan another chance to save him, he slapped his palm on Chang Yuan’s head, followed by a red light that flashed from the top of Chang Yuan’s head and entered Chang Yuan’s body.

Chang Yuan began to become hideous, hissing in pain, but no matter how much he hissed, Chen Ping still held onto Chang Yuan and would not let go.

Soon, Chang Yuan’s eyes turned bloodshot once again, and with a violent opening of his mouth, a fist-sized puppet worm flew out of his mouth.

After the puppet worm flew out, it did not attack at Chen Ping, but flew directly towards the window, intending to escape.

“Trying to escape?”

The corners of Chen Ping’s mouth lifted as he directly let go of that Chang Yuan and chased towards the puppet worm.

Chang Yuan at this time, after the puppet worm flew out from inside his body, his entire body once again fell into a coma, lying straight up towards the ground.

“Son ……”

Chang Wanjun hurriedly went forward and held Chang Yuan.

At this moment, Chen Ping had already chased him to the window and grabbed the puppet worm with one hand.

The huge puppet worm kept wriggling its body, but it simply could not break free from Chen Ping, and finally opened its mouth, and a black gas spurted out from the puppet worm’s mouth.

“Everyone be careful, this black gas is highly poisonous ……”

Seeing this, Yuan Baozhong hurriedly reminded everyone while tightly closing his breath.

But just as everyone panicked and closed their breaths, they only saw Chen Ping open his mouth and sucked in with a fierce force, all that black gas was sucked inside Chen Ping’s stomach.

These black qi were highly poisonous to others, but to Chen Ping, they were the best cultivation resources, and Chen Ping would not waste them.