Phoenix Among Men Chapter 60

“Ah …………”

Only to see inside the cubicle, that Sister Yan was following the waiter who had just fought, and it looked like it had just started!

That waiter saw someone rushing in and was just about to shout when Chen Ping slapped him unconscious and then grabbed that Sister Yan’s collar: “Where did you take Han Han?”

“You f*cking …………”

When that Sister Yan saw that it was Chen Ping, she immediately cursed!

But just as he opened his mouth, Chen Ping grabbed that Sister Yan’s neck, and that Sister Yan immediately felt difficulty in breathing, her face turned red, and there was fear in her eyes.

“In, in the office …………”

Sister Yan said hurriedly!

“Take me to ……” Chen Ping let go of that Sister Yan!

Looking at Chen Ping’s face full of killing intent, Sister Yan did not dare to play tricks and could only lead the way in front!

After taking Chen Ping to the office, Chen Ping kicked the office door open!

Boom …………

There was a loud sound that startled the middle-aged man!

After Chen Ping rushed in, he saw that Wang Han Han was lying motionless on the sofa, while the balding middle-aged man was roaming around with one hand on Wang Han Han’s body!

“Seeking death …………”

Chen Ping’s eyes were spewing with rage as he took one healthy step forward and kicked the middle-aged man straight out!

“Han Han …… Han Han ……”

Chen Ping took off his jacket and covered Wang Han Han, seeing that Wang Han Han was unconscious, he knew that he must have been drugged, so a stream of spiritual energy was channeled into Wang Han Han’s body!

Wang Han Han slowly opened her eyes and after seeing Chen Ping, she shouted in surprise, “Brother Chen Ping …………”

Just after he shouted, Wang Han Han fell asleep again, it looked like the medicine was too heavy!

The middle-aged man was kicked by Chen Ping, and his whole face turned saucy purple as he slumped to the ground!

“Boss …………”

Sister Yan hurriedly stepped forward and helped the middle-aged man up!

The middle-aged man looked at Chen Ping angrily, “Kid, you dare to hit me, I think you’re tired of living, what are you?”

As the middle-aged man roared, four thugs in black suits heard the commotion and had rushed in!

“Boss, this guy might be this Wang Han Han’s boyfriend ……”

Sister Yan said to the middle-aged man!

From the way Chen Ping treated Wang Han Han just now, and the way he looked so angry now, what else could it be if not a boyfriend!

“I don’t f*cking care who he is, get him for me, dare to hit me, I’ll scrap you ……”

The middle-aged man saw his men rushing in and immediately yelled out!

Seeing this, the four thugs rushed straight towards Chen Ping!

Chen Ping put down Wang Han Han and didn’t even look at the four beaters who rushed over, with a wave of his palm, those four beaters immediately flew backwards, their bodies smashed heavily against the wall, and they couldn’t move one by one!

Seeing how powerful Chen Ping was, the middle-aged man and Sister Yan were all dumbfounded, and a look of fear appeared on their faces!

Chen Ping looked at the middle-aged man with cold eyes, “Scum like you, D*mn you …………”

“What do you want to do?” Looking at Chen Ping’s murderous eyes, the middle-aged man trembled and said, “I can tell you, this bar is covered by Master Tiger, do you know what Master Tiger is?”

Just as the middle-aged man’s words left his mouth, Chen Ping’s mobile phone rang!

It was Lin Tianhu calling, he had invited Chen Ping to dinner, but he hadn’t seen him arrive, so Lin Tianhu gave Chen Ping a call to ask!

“Mr. Chen, where have you arrived?”

Lin Tianhu asked in a small voice.

“I’m at the Wind and Moon Bar ……”

“Wind and Moon Bar?” Lin Tianhu was stunned, “What is Mr. Chen doing at the Wind and Moon Bar?”

“To kill someone ……” Two short words, but they contained an endless murderous aura, causing Lin Tianhu on the other side of the phone to tremble in fear!

“Mr. Chen, the Wind and Moon Bar is owned by Bald Li, who has been paying protection fees to my Gathering Hall, I will bring my men there right now, no need for Mr. Chen to do it himself ……”

Lin Tianhu knew that if Chen Ping could say the word kill, it must be the Wind Moon Bar that had P*ssed off Chen Ping!

“Good!” Chen Ping only replied with one word, hung up the phone, and then quietly sat down on the sofa and waited!