Phoenix Among Men Chapter 61

Inside the office, a dead silence fell as that Sister Yan and the bar owner looked at the calm Chen Ping, a bad feeling rising up in their hearts!

“Boss, do you think that guy was just talking to Master Tiger?”

Sister Yan asked in a whisper to the boss.

The bar owner didn’t answer her because he didn’t know how to answer, the voice that just came out from that phone really sounded like Lin Tianhu’s, but how could such a hairless young man, and all dressed in floor-length goods, and not like any gentry son, know Lin Tianhu and speak to him in such a rampant tone?

When Sister Yan on the side saw that the boss was silent, she could only comfort herself by saying, “It’s impossible for Master Tiger to know such a person, he must be pretending, and the person inside the phone just now could not be Master Tiger, who dares to follow Master Tiger with such a tone of voice in the whole Hongcheng?”

After hearing this, the bar owner then nodded slightly and agreed with that Yan’s view!

“Kid, you don’t have to pretend here, with your virtue’s, how could Master Tiger know you, you dare to impersonate Master Tiger’s name, this is a capital crime ……”

The bar owner roared at Chen Ping!

Chen Ping only faintly glanced at that bar owner, sneered and ignored him.

“Boss, you call Master Tiger, this kid is causing trouble, let Master Tiger come and clean him up, it’s just as well to know if it was Master Tiger on the phone just now!”

Sister Yan said as she gave the bar owner an idea.

The barman nodded and took out his mobile phone and was about to call Lin Tianhu, but his mobile phone did ring, and it was Lin Tianhu who called!

The bar owner hurriedly picked up, “Master Tiger …………”

“Baldy Lee, how the hell did you mess with Mr. Chen? Now you wait for me, I’ll be right there, don’t open your Feng Yue bar, if you have the guts to run away, then try and see if I, Lin Tian Hu, can find you ……”

The bar owner had just picked up the phone and shouted Master Tiger when Lin Tianhu’s furious voice came through, scaring the bar owner straight to silence!

Now even if he didn’t want to believe it, the fact was already in front of him, the person who just followed Chen Ping on the phone was indeed Lin Tianhu, and Lin Tianhu even addressed Chen Ping respectfully as Mr. Chen!

Pop …………

The mobile phone in the bar owner’s hand fell to the ground and instantly shattered, the whole person looked at Chen Ping as if he was dumbfounded, and finally fell to his knees with a poof.

That Sister Yan was also full of horror in her eyes and followed along, falling to her knees!

“Mr. Chen, Mr. Chen, I was wrong, I was wrong, please Mr. Chen let me go …………”

The bar owner was desperately kowtowing to Chen Ping!

Chen Ping ignored him and didn’t even look at him, at this moment, Chen Ping was channeling spiritual energy into Wang Han Han’s body so that Wang Han Han could wake up!

I don’t know what kind of ecstasy the bar owner used on Wang Han Han, but the effect was so strong that even with Chen Ping’s own spiritual energy, it took him a while to get Wang Han Han to slowly open her eyes again!

“Brother Chen Ping …………”

When Wang Han Han saw Chen Ping, she shouted out in slight shame!

After all, being a dancer in a bar is not a glamorous profession!

“Han Han, are you better now? Let’s go ……”

Chen Ping said slowly as he helped Wang Han Han up from the sofa!

“Mm ……” Wang Han Han nodded, but when she saw the bar owner and that Sister Yan kneeling on the floor, her whole body just froze!

She didn’t understand why these two people were kneeling on the ground, was it because of Chen Ping?

Wang Han Han looked at Chen Ping in disbelief, after all, in Wang Han Han’s eyes, Chen Ping was just an ordinary person, and an ordinary person who had been in jail!

“Let’s go …………”

Chen Ping didn’t explain, but pulled Wang Han Han and walked outside!