Phoenix Among Men Chapter 600

This was also why Chang Yuan Jun had never wanted Chen Ping to do anything, if Chang Yuan really had a problem, then he would never be able to see his son again in the future.

“Mr. Chen, go and see Chang Gongzi quickly ……”

Looking at Chang Yuanjun’s heart-breaking roar, Zhao Wuji hurriedly went forward and said to Chen Ping.

“Mhm!” Chen Ping nodded his head.

Coming in front of Chang Wanjun, Zhao Wuji squatted down and said comfortingly to Chang Wanjun, “Leader, Mr. Chen can cure Mr. Chang, don’t be sad yet ……”

Chang Yuan Jun raised his head with tear-filled eyes, when he saw Chen Ping’s firm and confident gaze, he did not say anything, but let go of Chang Yuan and slowly stood up his body!

Chen Ping squatted down and gently held one hand on Chang Yuan’s forehead, and a stream of spiritual energy was injected into Chang Yuan’s body. The originally pale and lifeless Chang Yuan’s face was now starting to turn rosy, and even the rotten and blackened palm of his hand had surprisingly improved.

A few minutes later, Chang Yuan slowly opened his eyes, and at this moment Chen Ping’s forehead was already full of sweat.

The incident of Chang Yuan’s poisoning had been too long, plus he had been in a mentally damaged state for more than a year, and to make Chang Yuan recover, Chen Ping had consumed a lot of spiritual energy.

“Yuan’er, Yuan’er ……”

Seeing Chang Yuan open his eyes, Chang Yuan Jun jumped up in excitement.

“Dad, where am I?”

Chang Yuan looked around with a confused look on his face.

“Of course I’m at home, you’ve been in a coma for over a year, what just happened, don’t you remember?”

Chang Wanjun asked to Chang Yuan.

You know that just now Chang Yuan had woken up and everything was as usual, so why didn’t he remember anything now?

“I told you, it wasn’t him, at that time he was just a puppet, someone manipulated the puppet bug to control control his body.”

Chen Ping said to Chang Yuan Jun.

Looking at Chang Yuan’s confused look, Chang Yuan Jun finally believed what Chen Ping said.

Chang Yanjun helped Chang Yuan up and pointed at Chen Ping, “Yuan’er, hurry up and thank Mr. Chen, it was he who saved your life ……”

Chang Yuan looked at Chen Ping confusedly, only to see that Chen Ping followed his own age and did not move for a while.

“Leader Chang, it’s just a hand up, no need to say thank you ……”

Chen Ping said indifferently.

The more Chen Ping was like this, the more bashful Chang Yuan Jun’s face was, just now he had made a move against Chen Ping, and ordered Zhao Wuji and Yuan Baozhong to make a move against Chen Ping.

Fortunately, Chen Ping was generous and did not follow him, if the other party had gone away in a negative manner, he was afraid that his son would be hopeless today.

“Mr. Chen is young, I didn’t expect such a broad-mindedness, it really makes me ashamed ……”

Chang Yuanjun said with an embarra*sed face full of red.

“Leader Chang is very kind, you have done your best for the country and the people, what I have done is nothing!”

Chen Ping said modestly.

Just then, Yuan Baozhong, who was full of shock, walked over, and at this moment, his eyes were full of respect and admiration as he looked at Chen Ping.

“I, Yuan Baozhong, pay my respects to Master Chen …………”

Yuan Baozhong walked up to Chen Ping and bowed deeply ……

In their art world, there was no distinction of age, it was all divided by strength, now although Chen Ping was young, he was obviously stronger than him, so Yuan Baozhong called himself a junior.

“Greetings to Grandmaster Chen ……”

That Zou Zhaolong also hurriedly ran over and bowed towards Chen Ping.

Now that even Yuan Baozhong was treating Chen Ping respectfully, Zou Zhaolong dared not be even more reckless.

“Hmph, how did you mock Mr. Chen just now, in such a short while, you wouldn’t have forgotten, would you?”

Zhao Wuji looked at the two men, Yuan Baozhong and Zou Zhaolong, and said with a disdainful expression.

Zhao Wuji’s words made the two men’s faces flush with shame!