Phoenix Among Men Chapter 601

Chen Ping also did not want to follow the two people again too much involvement, so he said to Zhao Wuji, “Pavilion Master Zhao, since the leader’s son is no longer seriously injured, we’d better go ……”

After Chen Ping finished, he turned around and wanted to leave, what should be done had already been done, it was useless to stay here.

As for how Chang Yuan Yuan Yuan Yuan Baozhong and Zou Zhaolong were treated, he didn’t care.

“Master Chen stay, I have one thing I don’t know, please ask Master Chen to enlighten me ……”

Yuan Baozhong saw that Chen Ping was leaving and hurriedly went forward to stop Chen Ping and asked.

“What is it?” Chen Ping said in a slight daze.

“Master Chen, since Duke Chang was struck by the puppet worm, why did the other party wait for more than a year and a moment before taking control of Duke Chang’s body? Does the other party have any intention?”

Yuan Baozhong was puzzled, since the other party had given Chang Yuan the puppet worm more than a year ago, why did they not make any move for more than a year, but instead took control of Chang Yuan’s body today.

After Yuan Baozhong finished his words, everyone looked at Chen Ping, they all wanted to know what was going on, especially Chang Yuan, he wanted to know what the other party had in mind for him.

“As I said at the beginning, the reason why Chang Duke fell unconscious was because his mind was damaged, it was not due to poisoning, although the puppet worm entered Chang Duke’s body, because Chang Duke was frightened so much that his mind was damaged and he fell unconscious, so that puppet worm had no way to control Chang Duke’s body.”

“It is also fortunate that Chang Gongzi was in a coma for more than a year, otherwise there is no telling what the other party would have done after taking control of Chang Gongzi’s body. However, just now you did acupuncture for Chang Gongzi, trying to force out the venom from Chang Gongzi’s body, but it directly stimulated Chang Gongzi’s brain, allowing the puppet worm to take advantage of it and directly take control of Chang Gongzi’s body, which is why the scene just happened. ”

Chen Ping patiently explained.

Upon hearing that it was actually because of himself that he had turned into this state, Yuan Baozhong’s face instantly turned red, not to mention how humiliated he was, he hated to find a crack in the ground!

“Mr. Chen, who was it then? Who is it that wants to lay hands on my son?”

Chang Yuan Jun now wanted to know who had dared to make a move on his son.

“As I said just now, this puppet worm is unique to the Miao Village, and to be able to cultivate such a large puppet worm, the other party must have a very low status in the Miao Village, but I just don’t know why the Miao Village people would do this!”

Chen Ping said.

Chang Wanjun was silent, his eyes flashing with killing intent, his brows furrowed together.

“I know why, it must be because the Miao Village wants to reduce the supervision of the Miao Village from above through this means, because everyone in the Miao Village plays with drugs, for fear of causing social panic, so the control of the Miao Village from above is very strict, which makes it very difficult for the Miao Village to develop, they must want to achieve the intention of controlling the leaders through this means, so that they can relax the control on their Miao Village, they don’t dare to directly down, that’s why they chose the Chang Gongzi ……”

Zhao Wuji analyzed.

Chang Aidun nodded, “Not bad, it should be because of this, because the people of the Miao Cottage have applied more than once to loosen their control ……”

But this kind of thing, Chen Ping can’t say anything, after all, there are too many things involved and too many people ……

“Wuji, I don’t care what method you use, find that Miao cottage people hiding in Kyoto, dare to use such despicable means, I won’t spare them ……”

Chang Yuanjun ordered with an angry face to Zhao Wuji.

Although he knew that it was the Miaozhai people who did it, but without evidence, Chang Wanjun couldn’t do anything to the Miaozhai, now he had to find out the one who had harmed his son first.

“Yes!” Zhao Wuji replied loudly, not bad and soon showed a difficult look on his face, “Leader, I’m afraid that even if our people from the Dharma Protection Pavilion find that Miao Zhai man, they won’t be able to catch him ……”