Phoenix Among Men Chapter 602

Zhao Wuji’s Kyoto Guardian Pavilion are all just some martial artists, if they really want to follow the Miao Village people of high status to meet, they are not really opponents, the other side is afraid to throw out a few poisonous insects, it is enough for them to suffer.

When Chang Yuanjun heard this, his eyebrows knitted together and he finally put his eyes on Chen Ping and Yuan Baozhong.

When Yuan Baozhong saw Chang Yuanjun looking at himself, he hurriedly said, “Leader Chang, Pavilion Master Zhao, I still have some urgent matters at home, then we will take our leave and have to catch a plane to fly back to Zhonggang ……”

The first time I saw him, I was really afraid that Chang Yuan Baozhong would leave him behind, if he was allowed to stay, Yuan Baozhong couldn’t refuse, but if he was really allowed to deal with those Miao people, Yuan Baozhong’s heart was also scared, that’s why he left in a hurry.

The first thing he did was to nod his head.

When Yuan Baozhong saw this, he hurriedly took Zou Zhaolong and walked out. Looking at the backs of the two, Zhao Wuji coldly snorted and said, “Cowardly things like rats, doing deceitful deeds, but they have a way, and claiming to be the No.1 master of magic in China and Hong Kong, I poo ……”

“Wuji, you just kept saying that Yuan Baozhong is a fraud, what’s going on?”

Chang Yuanjun asked in a very strange manner.

Because he had just been eager to save his son, Chang Wanjun didn’t care what Zhao Wouji called Yuan Baozhong what a liar master, now when he saw that Yuan Baozhong still said that, he couldn’t help but ask curiously.

Zhao Wuji didn’t hide anything, so he told Chang Yuan Jun exactly what happened at the auction. After listening, Chang Yuan Jun was also incredulous, he didn’t expect this Yuan Baozhong and Zou Zhaolong would dare to cheat their way to Kyoto.

However, when he thought that he had also treated that Yuan Baozhong with respect and had invited him to his home, Chang Yanjun’s face was in an ugly state.

“Pavilion Master Zhao, Leader Chang, since everything is settled, I should also go back, I have to rush back to Hongcheng today before I can ……”

Chen Ping opened his mouth and said.

He had to hurry back to cultivate, the 15th of July was getting closer and closer, Chen Ping had to work hard to cultivate, and the divination that Shen Dansan had given him before he died had left Chen Ping himself wondering whether the day of the 15th of July awaited him would be a blessing or a curse.

Seeing that Chen Ping wanted to leave, Chang Yuan Jun’s face showed anxiety and he hurriedly winked at Zhao Wuji.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. ……”

After hearing this, Chen Ping frowned slightly, he had just opened his mouth to leave, also because he was afraid that Zhao Wuji would ask for his help, it was not that Chen Ping was afraid of the Miao Village people, but he did not have time to waste here, he had to seize the time to cultivate.

Moreover, Chen Ping also knew that these people from the Miao Village would not poison themselves, nor would they dare to do so, they only wanted to gain some more benefits for the Miao Village with the manipulation of the puppet worms.

It was because of this that Chen Ping did not want to care much, after all, not to endanger lives, as for other things, Chen Ping did not have that much mind to care.

Seeing Chen Ping’s frown, Chang Yuanjun also hurriedly spoke up, “Mr. Chen, I still hope you can help, otherwise these Miao Zhai people are afraid that they will raise hell in Kyoto, even if they don’t dare to make a move on me next time, they can’t avoid making a move on the other leaders.”

“Is there no one in the huge Kyoto who can restrain these Miao Zhai people? If a few warlocks are burning and looting in Kyoto at this time, then you can only stand by and watch?”

Chen Ping was a bit confused, in such a large Kyoto, there would not be no one who could control these Miao Zhai people, and there was also the Dharma Protection Court in Kyoto, which guarded the security of Kyoto, but they were all martial artists, if a few powerful warlocks came, then wouldn’t these people in the Dharma Protection Court become a decoration?