Phoenix Among Men Chapter 603

After Chen Ping finished his words, Chang Yuanjun and Zhao Wuji were all stunned, and then they looked embarra*sed, and finally Zhao Wuji said, “Mr. Chen, of course there are people who can control those people from the Miao Village, even if they are powerful magicians, if they dare to do anything in Kyoto, there are still people who can control them, but these are not under the control of my Dharma Protection Court.”

“You mean, above your Dharma Protecting Pavilion, there is an enforcement department?”

Chen Ping said with a slight shock.

“Wrong, not a law enforcement department, these people are outside the law, no one can instruct them and they are not under any control, even all of us in Department Six are not qualified to order them ……”

Chang Yuanjun shook his head.

“They? What exactly are they? Are they immortal cultivators?”

A few moments of excitement flashed in Chen Ping’s eyes when he heard this from Chang Yanjun.

When Chang Wanjun saw Chen Ping say the three words of immortal cultivator, his expression was instantly shocked.

“Leader Chang, Mr. Chen is an immortal cultivator, only that his strength is still shallow at the moment ……”

Zhao Wuji followed Chang Wanjun and explained.

Upon hearing this, Chang Wanjun looked at Chen Ping with even more astonishment, and only after a while did he recover and said with emotion, “No wonder that Master Yuan is no match for Mr. Chen when he strikes, so you are an immortal cultivator.”

“Leader Chang, those people you just mentioned, are they also immortal cultivators?”

Chen Ping asked again.

Chang Wanjun shook his head, “I don’t know, and even if I did, I couldn’t tell you because this is confidential ……”

Hearing this, Chen Ping’s face instantly showed loss.

“Mr. Chen, this is indeed confidential, even I only know a little bit about it, the rest is not known at all, so we simply have no way to request those people to help out, please also ask Mr. Chen to help ……”

Chen Ping frowned, he really did not want to help.

“Is Mr. Chen afraid of staying in Kyoto and incurring the revenge of the Qin family? I can a*sure Mr. Chen that during your few days in Kyoto, I can warn the Qin family that they will never make a move against Mr. Chen ……”

Zhao Wuji still thought that Chen Ping was afraid of the Qin family’s retaliation.

“Mr. Chen still has a grudge following the Qin family?”

Chang Yuanjun asked in confusion upon hearing this.

Zhao Wuji nodded and told the story of Chen Ping’s grudge following the Qin family.

After hearing this, Chang Wanjun also hurriedly said, “Don’t worry, Mr. Chen, I can also step in and help Mr. Chen speak.”

“You guys misunderstand, a small Qin family, I don’t put it in my eyes, I just have other things to do ……”

It wasn’t that Chen Ping was afraid of the Qin family, it was just that he had to cultivate and didn’t have time to delay.

“Mr. Chen, you can’t underestimate the Qin family, right now I can suppress the Qin family and help Mr. Chen speak because that Qin family head Qin Xiaolin has not yet come out of seclusion, if he comes out of seclusion and knows that his son was killed by Mr. Chen, I’m afraid that I won’t even give face ……”

Chang Yuanjun said hurriedly.

“The Qin family has such great energy?” Chen Ping was a little surprised!

Chang Yanjun was the leader of Department Six, someone who Zhao Wuji had to behave himself when he met, how could the Qin family dare not give Chang Yanjun face?

Chang Wanjun sighed and didn’t say anything, while Zhao Wuji explained, “Mr. Chen doesn’t know, but there are still forces behind the Qin family, this Qin Xiaolin line is only a branch of the Qin family, the real Qin family has huge forces in Kyoto and even the whole north, only these forces don’t show themselves easily… …”

With Zhao Wuji’s explanation, this was a bit of a surprise to Chen Ping, who could not have imagined that the Qin family he had seen was just a corner of the Qin family.

“Mr. Chen, what you have seen is actually just the surface, the water throughout Kyoto is very deep, the truly powerful families are invisible to ordinary people, they have never even heard of them ……”

Chang Yuanjun said with a sigh.