Phoenix Among Men Chapter 607

The unmoving walk into an alley, at this time the surrounding people are getting less and less, the lights have become a little dim, but on both sides of the alley are a few bright pink light hair salon, in the hair salon door are standing a few women in revealing clothes.

“Brother, come in and have some fun ……”

At this time, a girl standing at the entrance of the hair salon, dressed in revealing clothes, waved towards Chen Ping!

“Big brother, come to my place, I have young girls here ……”

The woman in the hair salon next to her also shouted towards Chen Ping.

Many of the people who came in here were running to these hair salons, so when these women saw Chen Ping walk in, they hurriedly greeted him enthusiastically.

Chen Ping looked at the scene in front of him and was slightly embarra*sed. He didn’t walk in here for these reasons, he just felt that there were few people here and the lights were dark, so he wanted to see what kind of people were scouting for him.

But Chen Ping didn’t dare to turn around rashly, but walked along towards a woman. When that woman saw Chen Ping walking towards her, she immediately greeted her with a smile: “Big brother, you really have an eye, I’m the prettiest in this area, is that person behind you with you? If you two are together, then I’ll have to pay extra ……”

The woman’s words caused Chen Ping to turn his head slightly and see a man dressed in a sturdy suit only a few meters away, following behind him.

After seeing that man, Chen Ping’s heart instantly set off shocking waves, he knew that he had met a high level person today, because all the way here, Chen Ping only felt that someone was probing himself with his divine sense, and that divine sense was also seemingly absent, he was not able to find out that this was actually only a few meters away from him!

If that person were to strike at him from behind, he would not have a chance to dodge, which made Chen Ping nervous.

“We are not together ……”

Chen Ping shook his head at the woman.

He still didn’t know what this man was trying to do by following him, so Chen Ping didn’t directly follow the man and pick it out.

“Not together ah?” The woman was slightly stunned, but quickly walked towards the man behind Chen Ping with a smile on her face, “Big brother, you are also here to play, see you are so strong, you must be very fierce, I like you the most, how about I give big brother a discount later?”

It seemed that this woman was not going to let one go and wanted to drag both Chen Ping and this man into her hair salon.

“You shameless b*****d, are you going to take away all the business? How can you let others live? You want to take us away because you’re young? You’re not afraid of being f*cked to death yourself ……”

At that moment, a slightly older woman came over, cursing under her breath as she walked up to the man.

“Brother, don’t look at me as a bit older, but I can do it, they young ones can’t, and I’m cheap, it’s only fifty dollars ……”

The slightly older woman said to the man and leaned towards him one by one.

But the man was like a wooden head, not at all moved, a pair of eyes just stared at Chen Ping, did not even look at the two women.

“Big brother, I am also fifty just ……”

The young woman was not weak either and also moved towards the man.

“I don’t like these, you guys go back right now and turn off the lights and go to bed ……”

The man said with an expressionless face.

But who knows, after the man finished speaking, both women froze, and then immediately afterwards they wanted to be manipulated, their eyes looked straight ahead and nodded woodenly: “Yes ……”

The two women went away, all back to their hair salon, and then really put out the lights.

As the lights went out, the inside of the alley became a little darker again.