Phoenix Among Men Chapter 608

Chen Ping frowned slightly, and a glint of gloom flashed across his face.

He did not see the man cast any spells or recite any incantations, but these two women were like they were possessed, obeying the man, a strength that Chen Ping did not think he could do.

If the man made a move against Chen Ping at this moment, Chen Ping knew that he had no chance of winning, and was afraid that he would not even have a chance to fight back.

“Why are you following me?”

Chen Ping finally spoke up and asked.

The man’s expressionless face finally revealed a cold smile after Chen Ping asked, “You were able to find out that I had been following you, this was unexpected, I didn’t expect you to have already stepped into the Pangu realm, now you are considered invincible in front of those so-called martial artists …… ”

The man did not reply to Chen Ping’s words, but directly stated Chen Ping’s realm.

At this moment, Chen Ping was even more convinced that the man in front of him was also an immortal cultivator like him, except that he felt that the man in front of him had a hostile intent towards him.

“Who the hell are you? If you are able to use your divine sense to probe, you must be at least at the Purgatory realm, but with a single word, you made two women leave like they were evil. Or perhaps a YuanYing?”

Chen Ping asked as he looked at the man with a stony face.

“You don’t need to guess, anyway, my strength is beyond your reach, you behave now and come with me, and I won’t hurt you ……”

The man looked at Chen Ping with disdain and said.

“Where to?” Chen Ping asked.

“You don’t need to know that, you will naturally understand when you get to the place!”

The man did not want to tell Chen Ping.

“If you don’t tell me, I won’t go with a stranger!”

Chen Ping would not follow the man in front of him, even if he was not defeated, Chen Ping would not stand still, this was not his character.

“Do you think of yourself as having a choice?”

As the man finished speaking, his aura spread out abruptly, directly enveloping Chen Ping.

Feeling the sudden enveloping aura, Chen Ping’s body trembled and huge spiritual energy swarmed out from inside his body, resisting the aura.

Unfortunately, Chen Ping’s resistance was like a trickle of water encountering a beast, it was simply unbearable and was instantly crushed, while Chen Ping’s body could not withstand the pressure and he fell to one knee with a poof, a mouthful of blood gushing out from his mouth!

“Hahahaha, the titled Young Master Long is no more than that, and he’s still a denizen who likes female sex ……”

The man looked at Chen Ping like that and laughed out loud.

In the man’s laughter, a strong wind like a sharp blade blew past, directly cutting through Chen Ping’s body, causing a wound to appear on Chen Ping’s body, blood flowing, but these wounds all avoided the vital points, and were not fatal!

It was clear that the man did not want to kill Chen Ping, or else Chen Ping would have been killed long ago.

“Young Master Long? You know about my life?” Chen Ping frowned, he didn’t care about his injuries, but was interested in the man’s words, “Young Master Long!

This man might know about his birth, Chen Ping had always wanted to know who he really was and who his real mother was, and ever since he knew that he had been picked up and cured, Chen Ping had never given up this idea.

“If you want to know your origins, then be a good boy and come with me before you suffer any more flesh and blood ……”

The man withdrew his aura, and Chen Ping felt the pressure on his body loosen, and another mouthful of blood spurted out of his mouth.

Looking at Chen Ping still spurting blood, the man shook his head, “This body of yours is too weak, I thought you could train up to the incorruptible stage and have no problem resisting this wave of my qi, but it turns out that you are a soft fend, you have not tempered your body at all, fortunately I only used one third of my strength, otherwise you would have died, how would I be able to collect my reward… …”

The man’s eyes were full of disdain, this strength of Chen Ping was worthless in his eyes.