Phoenix Among Men Chapter 609

Chen Ping, on the other hand, was outright dumbfounded by the man, he had no idea what a quenched body was, although he had been constantly cultivating and looking for resources everywhere for his cultivation, no one had ever told him what a quenched body was at all, not even the old leader had taught him!

“You just said that you used me to collect the reward, did the Qin family invite you here?”

Chen Ping looked at the man in front of him, if the Qin family was able to invite such an expert, then Chen Ping really couldn’t underestimate the Qin family, and if he fell into the hands of the Qin family, he was afraid that he wouldn’t have good consequences at all.

“The Qin family? Which Qin family?”

The man was also stunned, obviously not knowing what the Qin family Chen Ping was talking about was.

“It’s that Qin family in Kyoto, the head of the family seems to be called something like Qin Xiaolin, aren’t you invited by them?”

After all, Chen Ping didn’t have any enemies in Kyoto, he only followed the Qin family.

“Che!” The man disdainfully brushed off his mouth, “The Qin family is nothing, they have to kneel down and kowtow to greet me when they see me, can they invite me?”

“Then why did you arrest me? Who told you to come?”

Chen Ping wanted to know what kind of person wanted to arrest him.

“Don’t be a f*cking mother-in-law, you’ll know when you get to the place, if you don’t want to suffer, then come with me quickly ……”

The man lost some of his patience, not wanting to chatter after Chen Ping.

“I am not going to go with you!” Chen Ping shook his head.

Because he knew that the man would not kill him, Chen Ping had it in his heart that he would fight for his life and could not follow the man.

Seeing Chen Ping’s refusal, the man’s face became somewhat angry and he reached out towards Chen Ping and grabbed him with one hand, “Kid, it’s up to you whether you follow me or not ……”

The man’s speed was fast, so fast that Chen Ping had no time to react.

But at that moment, a figure suddenly blocked in front of Chen Ping, and the speed was also so fast that Chen Ping didn’t even know when the man appeared in front of him, there was as if he had been in front of him all along.


After a dull sound, the man who grabbed at Chen Ping took three steps backwards, one hand trembling slightly.

Only at this time did Chen Ping see clearly that the person who had stood in front of him and saved him was a middle-aged man with a medium build, looking a little thin compared to the sturdy man in front of him, but it was such a person who had knocked back the sturdy man in front of him with a single strike.

“Barbarian Bull, just like you, do you dare to get involved in the affairs of the Long Family?”

The middle-aged man standing in front of Chen Ping asked the sturdy man with disdain in his tone.

This barbarian bull, being sneered at with such disdain by the person in front of him, surprisingly did not get the slightest bit angry, instead he grinned, showing a mouthful of big white teeth and said, “Long Wu, I was just fooling around, don’t be angry, how dare I get involved in your Long Family’s affairs, I’ll just go ……”

Chen Ping looked at this Barbarian Bull so powerful, just now he still had a disdainful face towards himself, but after facing this middle-aged man called Long Wu, he completely changed his attitude, just like following his grandson.

But just as the barbarian bull turned around and was about to leave, Chen Ping didn’t even notice how this Long Wu moved in front of him, surprisingly he directly blocked that barbarian bull’s way.

The barbarian bull was stunned: “Long Wu, I have said that it was just a joke, can’t I just leave now?”

“Do you think you can still leave?”

There was a killing intent in Long Wu’s eyes.

Seeing this, the smile on Barbarian Bull’s face disappeared and he stared deadly at Long Wu in front of him, suddenly, Barbarian Bull struck out, the Qi that erupted from his body was like a knife, incomparably sharp as it attacked towards Long Wu, and at the same time, these Qi also went towards Chen Ping!

Chen Ping, faced with the sword-like qi, surprisingly had no way to dodge at all, because he found that no matter what place he dodged from, he could not avoid this terrifying qi.