Phoenix Among Men Chapter 610

“Stand still, don’t move ……”

Suddenly, Long Wu’s voice rang out in Chen Ping’s ears.

Immediately afterwards Chen Ping heard a clanking sound, those qi like knives, suddenly hitting Chen Ping’s surrounding, like hitting steel, were bounced away one after another, but Chen Ping found that there was no spiritual power fluctuation around him, that is to say, there was no protective shield formed by spiritual power at all, but how was this terrifying qi blocked?

Chen Ping was very puzzled, but he also knew at this time, this point of his own strength, really stepped into the immortal cultivation world, I am afraid that even worse than a mole, before only blame their own well bottom frog, he has always wanted to encounter immortal cultivators, now see, and directly gave Chen Ping such a big blow.

At this moment, after exploding with his qi, that barbarian bull didn’t even get attached to the battle, but his body leapt up to a height of tens of metres, trying to escape between the buildings!

Long Wu would not let him escape, his body also leapt up, directly punching the barbarian bull on the shoulder, the barbarian bull’s large body, falling rapidly from the height, hitting the ground fiercely, smashing the ground into a deep crater!

At such a high distance, if it was an ordinary person, he would have fallen to mush, even if it was a sect master expert who fell from such a high distance, he would have broken every sinew and bone in his body, but after falling to the ground, the barbarian bull rolled over and stood up, unhurt.

“Dragon Five, do you have to kill me? I can pretend I didn’t see anything and leave Kyoto forever ……”

The barbarian bull looked at Long Wu with some alarm and said.

“Are you absolutely I will believe?” Long Wu smiled coldly, followed by his body rushing towards that barbarian bull.

The barbarian bull was startled and reached out to block, but before he could, he heard a dull thud and the barbarian bull’s huge body fell straight down.

When Chen Ping looked at the bull, he saw that there was a thumb-sized hole in his face, and blood was still flowing out.

Looking at the dead barbarian bull, Chen Ping didn’t know why he suddenly felt a sense of sadness.

After killing the barbarian bull, Long Wu looked at Chen Ping slowly as if he had killed a small chicken, “Are you alright?”

Chen Ping shook his head, “Yes, I’m fine, I can’t die yet, who are you? Why did you save me? What kind of person am I?”

Chen Ping knew that this Long Wu in front of him must know his origins, otherwise he wouldn’t have saved him, and when he thought about the fact that that barbaric bull had just said that he was some kind of Young Master Long, and that this middle-aged man in front of him was also called Long Wu, this was definitely not a coincidence.

“There are some things that the later you know, the better it will be for you ……”

Long Wu did not answer Chen Ping, but took out an elixir from inside his body, “You take the elixir back and take it, don’t come out freely in the future, after the matter is finished, leave Kyoto immediately ……”

Chen Ping took the elixir, but with a reluctant heart he continued to ask to Long Wu, “I beg you, tell me, what am I really? Am I a member of the Dragon Family? Do you know who my mother is?”

When Chen Ping spoke of his mother, it was obvious that that Long Wu’s face was slightly moved, but he quickly recovered and looked at Chen Ping coldly, “Don’t you ask anymore, you will understand everything after the 15th of July.”

Chen Ping was stunned, he did not expect that this Dragon Five also knew about his agreement with Old Dragon Head, followed by an excited expression, “You know Old Dragon Head, don’t you? How else would you know about the agreement between me and him?”

Chen Ping excitedly grabbed Long Wu’s shoulder, at this moment, Chen Ping suddenly felt that he had met Old Dragon Head inside the prison and that Old Dragon Head had taught himself the way of immortality cultivation, not unintentionally, but deliberately by Old Dragon Head.