Phoenix Among Men Chapter 613

Looking at the shameless look of the Dali head, Zhao Wuji laughed coldly, “You are talking nonsense here, do you think I will believe it? Since I have found you today, don’t even think about leaving.”

Zhao Wuji would not believe the words of the Dali head, after all, a fist-sized puppet worm was not something that could be cultivated by anyone in the Miao Village.

Seeing that Zhao Wuji was dead set on not letting go, the Dali Head’s face turned ugly as well.

“Pavilion Master Zhao, Duke Chang has now recovered and is not seriously injured, and we have no intention of plotting against Duke Chang, so why are you pushing every step of the way? If you really P*ss us off, with just you people, you won’t be able to stop us at all ……”

The head of the Dali threatened Zhao Wuji.

Zhao Wuji saw that this Dali Head had lost some of his patience, and his heart was constantly beating in his chest. Although Zhao Wuji’s gang was large in number, if they really took action, they might not be able to stop these five Dali Heads.

He could only hope that Chen Ping would arrive soon, otherwise it would be too embarra*sing for Zhao Wouji if these people from the Miao Village really got away.

Seeing that Zhao Wouji did not say anything, the corner of the Da Li Head’s mouth lifted slightly, he knew that Zhao Wouji was afraid, after all, Zhao Wouji’s strength could not compete with the five of them at all, as for the rest of the Guardian Pavilion, they were just small fishes and shrimps, the Da Li Head did not even put them in his eyes.

“Pavilion Master Zhao, this matter is a misunderstanding, we will definitely apologize to the Chang Leader personally, now we have other things to do, I hope you can get out of the way ……”

The Dali head said and winked towards the others, and the five men began to slowly walk towards the outside of the courtyard.

Zhao Wuji reached out his hand and directly stopped a few of the Dali Head: “You can go unless you step over my corpse ……”

Zhao Wuji had already made up his mind, even if he died here, he could not let these few people from Miaozhai leave, or else he had no way to follow the Standing Aid Army to give an account.

When the Dali head saw how stubborn Zhao Wouji was, he became furious and said, “Zhao Wouji, don’t think that just because you are the head of the Dharma Protection Pavilion, I don’t dare to make a move against you, believe it or not, I can slap you to death with one slap?”

“Cut the crap, make your move ……”

Zhao Wuji set up his battlefield, while the other members of the Dharma Protecting Pavilion all flashed their weapons!

Seeing this, the Dali head knew that he simply couldn’t leave without making a move, so he said, “Brothers, restrain these people first, we are going to find that Chen Ping, remember, don’t hurt their lives ……”

The head of the Dali knew that if he hurt the lives of these people in Kyoto, then things would be difficult, and it might draw out that group of perverts in Kyoto.

Whether they were cultivators or warlocks, the reason why they didn’t dare to act recklessly in Kyoto was because they knew that there was a secret team in Kyoto that was secretly guarding the safety of Kyoto.

“You want to take revenge on Mr. Chen?” Zhao Wuji frowned, he did not expect these people from Miao Zhai to take revenge on Chen Ping, after all, the puppet worm was killed by Chen Ping.

“Revenge? We don’t care to retaliate, besides that Qian Feng deserves to die, it’s just that we were entrusted by someone, we should always finish what we promised someone ……”

The Dali head thought that Zhao Wuji was talking about Chen Ping killing Qian Feng, the Miao King’s righteous son.

Both men misinterpreted each other’s meaning.

But Zhao Wuji didn’t care why, instead he said with a daily frown, “Entrusted by someone? Could it be that someone from the Qin family has approached you?”

In Kyoto, the only one who followed Chen Ping with a grudge was the Qin family, I was afraid.

“That you don’t care, that Chen Ping is also not a member of your Dharma Protection Pavilion, and he is also a magician, not an ordinary person, even if we kill him, it is not considered breaking the rules ……”

The Dali head didn’t say, but Zhao Wuji knew that it must be the Qin family!